Marocco | Kasbah E Dune

Un viaggio nel sud del Paese tra le kasbah ai margini del deserto. Dove la sabbia sfora le cittadelle fortifcate di terra e scorre una vita semplice e antica.
Foto e testi di Graziano Perotti

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Marocco | Kasbah E Dune
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Drone photos from around the world

Drone photos from around the world

Hong Kong
Andy Yeung Photography
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Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
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Tokyo, Japan
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Al Hishman, Oman
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Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France (high tide)
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from “24 breathtaking drone photos that show the majesty of our world”
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Sossusvlei and the Dunes of Fire

… The wind picked up; the sand was swirling in every direction you could imagine. The dunes around us came alive, and lit up like they were on fire…

The swirling sand took on the appearance of the cruelest of bushfires, with flames reaching hundreds of meters into the air.
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Sossusvlei and the Dunes of Fire
by Alistair McBurnie

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2016 SkyPixel Photo Contest Results & Winners

2016 SkyPixel Photo Contest
Results & Winners

skypixel02aGrand Prize
2016 SkyPixel Photo of the Year
Fishermen close the net by 郑戈 | Zheng Ge
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Beauty – First Prize
Exploration by 王 汉冰 | Wang Han Bing
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Drones in Use – Third Prize
Drone in Use by Norman Nollau
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skypixel02dDonna Wood in Scroesby Sound
by Eric Vickery Photography
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by NK7
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SS17 by Miranda Kerr

The intense and dazzling sunlight of the Californian desert is embracing, energizing, inebriating. Searching for an oasis of peace and freshness, the super model Miranda Kerr is once again posing for Ryan McGinley for the Marella SS17 Campaign.

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Miranda Kerr by Ryan McGinley
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Sands of Time

Sands of Time
Photography: James Arthur Smith
Model: Nidhi Suni | Industry Models Management LA | Wilhelmina NYC
Styling: Jenn Edelson Assistant: Elizabeth Louise
MakeUp: Sameerah Hoddison
Hair: Sylvia Stankowski

jamesarthursmith10a jamesarthursmith10b jamesarthursmith10c jamesarthursmith10d jamesarthursmith10e jamesarthursmith10f jamesarthursmith10g— – —

Sands of Time
Nidhi Suni by James Arthur Smith

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