2016 SkyPixel Photo Contest Results & Winners

2016 SkyPixel Photo Contest
Results & Winners

skypixel02aGrand Prize
2016 SkyPixel Photo of the Year
Fishermen close the net by 郑戈 | Zheng Ge
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Beauty – First Prize
Exploration by 王 汉冰 | Wang Han Bing
— – —

Drones in Use – Third Prize
Drone in Use by Norman Nollau
— – —

skypixel02dDonna Wood in Scroesby Sound
by Eric Vickery Photography
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by NK7
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SS17 by Miranda Kerr

The intense and dazzling sunlight of the Californian desert is embracing, energizing, inebriating. Searching for an oasis of peace and freshness, the super model Miranda Kerr is once again posing for Ryan McGinley for the Marella SS17 Campaign.

mirandakerr01a mirandakerr01b mirandakerr01c mirandakerr01d mirandakerr01e— – —

Miranda Kerr by Ryan McGinley
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Sands of Time

Sands of Time
Photography: James Arthur Smith
Model: Nidhi Suni | Industry Models Management LA | Wilhelmina NYC
Styling: Jenn Edelson Assistant: Elizabeth Louise
MakeUp: Sameerah Hoddison
Hair: Sylvia Stankowski

jamesarthursmith10a jamesarthursmith10b jamesarthursmith10c jamesarthursmith10d jamesarthursmith10e jamesarthursmith10f jamesarthursmith10g— – —

Sands of Time
Nidhi Suni by James Arthur Smith

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Майк Рейфман | Mike Reyfman

Майк Рейфман | Mike Reyfman

mikereyfman09aДюны Пустыни Намиб
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mikereyfman09bБрейдамеркурсандур в два цвета.
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mikereyfman09cМертвая Долина
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— – —

mikereyfman09eZabriskie Point
— – —

Майк Рейфман | Mike Reyfman
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The Philosophy of Travel by Carlisle Rogers

The Philosophy of Travel is a lush cloth-bound hardcover ode to the spirit of exploration, that drive that takes us into the desert, and into ourselves.

CarlisleRogers08aFrom the heart, soul and lens of the contemporary voice of Australian travel, Carlisle Rogers, this is a book unlike any other.

CarlisleRogers08bIt is an extraordinary celebration of the search, of the Australian outback, of pure light and the pursuit of meaning.

CarlisleRogers08cA journey of discovery, of freedom, it explores what lies beneath, the hidden ley lines that draw us around this vast continent and the connection with the land that resonates deeply within all of us.

CarlisleRogers08dAs a much younger man, Carlisle Rogers fell in love with Australia while on holidays from the United States, travelling the east coast in a banged up 4WD full of surfboards. He has been living in Australia for over 15 years now, travelling around Australia by 4WD, writing and photographing the country and its people. With over 15 years of experience as a journalist and photographer, Carlisle has written and photographed for some of Australia’s most prestigious newspapers and  magazines including: The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Rolling Stone, Australian Geographic and RM Williams Outback magazine.

CarlisleRogers08eThe Philosophy of Travel by Carlisle Rogers
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« ROCK – American Landscapes » par Jean Luc Boetsch

« ROCK – American Landscapes » par Jean Luc Boetsch
« Après avoir passé près de quinze ans à photographier les paysages islandais, je me suis intéressé à d’autres paysages, à d’autres déserts.
J’aime retourner plus particulièrement depuis quelques années, dans le Colorado, l’Arizona, la Californie, le Nevada, le Nouveau Mexique et l’Utah. Je voulais m’imprégner de ces territoires immenses et désertiques, de ces endroits mythiques qui forment l’Ouest américain. … »

JeanLucBoetsch05a JeanLucBoetsch05b JeanLucBoetsch05c JeanLucBoetsch05d« ROCK – American Landscapes » par Jean Luc Boetsch
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Under Namibian skies

Canon Explorer Joel Santos on photographing a desert adventure in Namibia

JoelSantos03a JoelSantos03bUnder Namibian skies: living the moment with an EOS 7D Mark II
Canon Explorer and travel photographer Joel Santos makes the most of every adventure he organises. As CPN writer Mark Alexander finds out, a recent trip to Namibia with the EOS 7D Mark II and the new EF100-400mm telephoto zoom was no different…

JoelSantos03c JoelSantos03d JoelSantos03e JoelSantos03fDuring his trip, Joel Santos found himself frantically sprinting across a sand dune as it was being lit by the warm rays of the rising sun. Excited and absorbed at same time, his chase wasn’t to reach a definitive viewpoint, but to change his shooting angle to achieve a suitable background for his chosen subject – a lone gembok oryx. “Now I understand how you get your pictures,” commented one of his students after his intense race. …

JoelSantos03g JoelSantos03hUnder Namibian skies
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