“Only after we run can we know the joy of wind.”

Sails Chong is China’s top photographer and a Hasselblad Ambassador. Coming from an academic background of Japanese Studies and Fine Arts, he is famous for his photography where he creates surrealistic imagery of the portrait set against a backdrop of visually stunning Chinese aesthetics or breathtaking landscape. Sails Chong believes that photography is a lonely journey, and no glorious booming is possible without years of grinding.

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Sails Chong Photography
via Hasselblad

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Vee Speers’ newest body of work Dystopia — for which the artist presents an array of mature subjects grappling with an uncertain future.

Fine art photographer Vee Speers (1962-present) was born in Newcastle, Australia. She is best known for her painterly and surreal portraits. Though subject matter varies, Speers tends to investigate themes related to youth, glamour, sex and immortality. She studied photography in Brisbane before moving to Paris in 1990 to work in fashion and photojournalism, where she continues to reside today.

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Vee Speers’ newest body of work Dystopia — for which the artist presents an array of mature subjects grappling with an uncertain future.

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A Look at the Magical World of Iconic Photographer Rodney Smith

For over 45 years, fine art and fashion photographer Rodney Smith brought his unique vision to the world through his whimsical imagery. Playful and surreal, his photographs graced the pages of TIME, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, among others. Even after his passing in 2016, his legacy carries on through the galleries and museums that continue to display his work, as well as publications and new photographers influenced by his style.

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A Look at the Magical World of Iconic Photographer Rodney Smith
more by Jessica Stewart
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A journey into a miniature world | Achraf Baznani

Talented photographer-artist Achraf Baznani plays with scale and proportion to create theatrical scenes that are dream-like, introspective and not a little bit whimsical. His images have been highly praised by art and photography lovers, hundreds of thousands of which follow him online.

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A journey into a miniature world | Achraf Baznani
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Liu Bolin by Annie Leibovitz for Moncler

Moncler presents the brand’s Spring – Summer 2017 advertising campaign shot by renowned American photographer Annie Leibovitz with a form of communication which has again proven to be entirely unexpected and innovative.

Following the fairy-tale atmosphere and literary vision of the previous Moncler campaigns, the Spring/Summer 2017 imagery plays out along a surreal imaginary thread. The images are transformed into a chameleon-like camouflage which eliminates any certainty of reality. The protagonist is Chinese artist Liu Bolin, master of the impossible and the invisible, renowned for his allusive art in which only the silhouette of his body is visible against backdrops.

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Liu Bolin by Annie Leibovitz
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