Finding the inspiration within you

Finding the inspiration within you
by Ralph Nordstrom

ralphnordstrom02aNature and art are what I grew up with and what I love.

ralphnordstrom02bMy casual approach to photography became more focused when I took my first workshop in 2006. From that time on I have been on a journey – a journey of personal discovery. Because, as my photography evolves, as it improves, I learn more about myself. I’ve gained a lot of technical skills along the way, both in the field and in the darkroom (don’t worry, I shoot digital but I still call it the darkroom because it does the same thing and people don’t freak out like they sometimes do when I say “Photoshop”).

ralphnordstrom02cBut the technical skills are just a means to creative expression which is what I really focus on. They are what I call the Creative Vocabulary that allows me to communicate what it is I have to say about the world.

ralphnordstrom02dAnd discovering new things in the world, in nature, and expressing them through my photographs is where I am on my journey today. The journey will never end; the destination is not clear and changes as I change. But then, isn’t it the journey and not the destination that’s important?

ralphnordstrom02eFinding the inspiration within you
by Ralph Nordstrom

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Sport Allure

Johanna S by Baard Lund
for Glamour Italia – March 2017
I pezzi chiave ispirazione gym: tra tecnico e couture

sportallure02a sportallure02b sportallure02c sportallure02d sportallure02e sportallure02f sportallure02g— – —

Sport Allure
foto Baard Lunde
Capelli Loris Rocchi @ Close Up Milano.
Trucco Anna Maria Negri @ WM-Management.
Modella Johanna S @ Monster.
Ha collaborato Sara Mestriner.

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Featured Photographer: Conor MacNeill

« We speak to travel and destination photographer, Conor MacNeill, who’s passion for travel has lead him to over 60 countries so far.
He not only visits the main destinations and puts his unique photographic twist on things, but also manages to capture the essence of a country by visiting the paths less-travelled… »

conormacneill02aFushimi Inari
— – —

conormacneill02bUnder The Green of The Night, The Horses Did Roam
— – —

— – —

conormacneill02dQuiver Tree Forest
— – —

conormacneill02eSecret Hell
— – —

Featured Photographer: Conor MacNeill
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Tamás Rizsavi captures Budapest covered in thick fog

Whether the weather brings frosty snow or sparkling sunshine, Magyar photographer Tamás Rizsavi is often out and about in Budapest capturing the beauty of the changing seasons in Hungary’s capital. The awe-inspiring artist especially likes taking mysterious shots of the city when it is covered in a thick layer of milky fog, which has recently been shaping the urban landscape. The talented photographer recently shared some of his favorite foggy shots from the last four years on Bored Panda, portraying several Budapest landmarks such as the beautiful bridges, the Buda Castle, and the Parliament.

tamasrizsavi02a tamasrizsavi02b tamasrizsavi02c tamasrizsavi02d tamasrizsavi02eTamás Rizsavi captures Budapest covered in thick fog
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Danish Dream Girl

Danish Dream Girl
From gracing magazine covers to jet-setting around the world with Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s been a wild year for swimsuit model Nina Agdal.

Text by Sarah Horne Grose, Photographed by Gilles Bensimon, Styled by Caroline Christiansson

ninaagdal02a ninaagdal02b ninaagdal02c ninaagdal02d ninaagdal02e ninaagdal02f ninaagdal02g— – —

Nina Agdal Is Maxim’s March Cover Girl
Leonardo DiCaprio’s gorgeous supermodel girlfriend—who some are calling the new Marilyn Monroe—heats up our latest issue.

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Discover Wild Iceland

Discover Wild Iceland
By Rafn Sigurbjornsson

Rafn Sig,- is well known freelance Icelandic photographer who have focused on the raw nature and landscape since he was a young boy. He has been hiking in the Icelandic highlands and low lands all his live and knows the nature and the hidden spots like a true native.

rafnsigurbjornsson02a rafnsigurbjornsson02b rafnsigurbjornsson02c rafnsigurbjornsson02d rafnsigurbjornsson02e rafnsigurbjornsson02f rafnsigurbjornsson02g— – —

Discover Wild Iceland
By Rafn Sigurbjornsson

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« I Photographed The Vastly Diverse Architecture Of The Netherlands »

« I Photographed The Vastly Diverse Architecture Of The Netherlands »
By Tobias Gawrisch

tobiasgawrisch02a“Although I’m a german Photographer living in Germany, I’m luckily only living around 60km from the border to the Netherlands.

tobiasgawrisch02bAnd it just so happens that I’m an architectural photographer as well, visiting the Netherlands ever so often.

tobiasgawrisch02cThe modern design and architecture of the Netherlands have always astonished me! It seems that every little town has its own special design. Whether it’s a bridge, a skyscraper, a hotel or some other architectural masterpiece – everywhere you look you’ll find some clever and beautiful modern designs in architecture.

tobiasgawrisch02dI haven’t seen most of this country’s beauty, I’m sure! But what I’ve seen so far makes me want to visit and photograph the Netherlands time and time again!”

tobiasgawrisch02e« I Photographed The Vastly Diverse Architecture Of The Netherlands »
via boredpanda