You Can’t Be A Photographer Without A Camera

You Can’t Be A Photographer Without A Camera

bestcamera02aThe best camera is the one you have with you, but that’s doubly true if it’s a system that’s right for the job at hand.

bestcamera02b bestcamera02c bestcamera02d bestcamera02e bestcamera02f bestcamera02g bestcamera02h bestcamera02i bestcamera02j bestcamera02k bestcamera02l bestcamera02m bestcamera02n bestcamera02o— – —

You Can’t Be A Photographer Without A Camera
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Sur la route

Edie Campbell by Mikael Jansson
for Vogue Paris – March 2017

ediecampbell02a ediecampbell02b ediecampbell02c ediecampbell02d ediecampbell02e ediecampbell02f ediecampbell02gSur la route
Photographer: Mikael Jansson
Model: Edie Campbell
Styling: Anastasia Barbieri
Hair: Shay Ashual
Make Up: Lynsey Alexander
Vogue Paris – March 2017
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« Freeze »scapes

« Freeze »scapes
by Жмак Евгений | Eugene Zhmak

eugenezhmak02aШумит Листвянка
— – —

eugenezhmak02bПасмурное утро
— – —

eugenezhmak02cСказка про Листвянку
— – —

eugenezhmak02dЗимнее утро у мельницы
— – —

« Freeze »scapes
by Жмак Евгений | Eugene Zhmak

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Wolf Empire: An Intimate Portrait of a Species

Extraordinary photos that expose the elusive world of fur and teeth, light and shadow, and wolf behavior seldom seen by the human eye.

From award-winning photographer Scott Ian Barry comes Wolf Empire–the most comprehensive and stunning visual record of wolves ever published in black-and-white photography. In this world of fur and teeth, texture and shape, light and shadow, Barry creates a highly intimate look at wolves and their often mystifying way of life.

wolfempire02a wolfempire02b wolfempire02c wolfempire02d wolfempire02e wolfempire02f wolfempire02g wolfempire02h wolfempire02iEach high-quality photograph is accompanied by a narrative in which Barry relates the circumstances that led to the taking of the photo, or some unique personal observation about wolf behavior gathered from his more than thirty years of experience as a wildlife photographer. His great reverence for these magnificent animals comes through in frame after frame of wolves in varying degrees of harmony and aggression, excitement and tranquility, cooperation and solitude–all part of their experience and essential to their survival. Barry’s photographs show wolves for the individuals they are, a species as diverse as humans.
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Wolf Empire: An Intimate Portrait of a Species
by Scott Ian Barry

The Power Of Photography

The Power Of Photography
from: « 10 Images That Made The World Pay Attention In 2016 »

The World Press Photo competition winners have been announced and here are 10 of the incredible images praised by the judging panel that are both powerful and harrowing.

power02a© Jonathan Bachman, Thomson Reuters. Lone activist Ieshia Evans stands her ground while offering her hands for arrest as she is charged by riot police.
— – —

power02b© Ameer Alhalbi, Agence France-Presse. A Syrian man evacuates an area following a reported airstrike.
— – —

power02c© Sergey Ponomarev, for The New York Times. A family flees the fighting in Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, as oil fields burned in Qayyara, Iraq.
— – —

power02d© Amber Bracken. A man is treated with milk of magnesia after being pepper sprayed by police at the blockade on highway 1806.
— – —

power02e© Valery Melnikov, Rossiya Segodnya. Civilians escape from a fire at a house destroyed by an air attack in the Luhanskaya village.
— – —

10 Images That Made The World Pay Attention In 2016
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2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Results Announced!

2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Results Announced!

‘Dancing Octopus’
Gabriel Barathieu (France)
— – —

upoty2017bBritish Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017
‘Out of the Blue’
Nick Blake (UK)
— – —

So Yat Wai (Hong Kong)
— – —

‘Your home and my home’
Qing Lin (Canada)
— – —

‘Face to face’
Ifj Lorincz Ferenc (Hungary)
— – —

« From my own point of view, I have been captivated not only by the winning images but also by the stories behind how those images were achieved. The conception, the planning and the physical effort to achieve a successful result; it is those efforts that we, as judges, pay our respects to by taking out two days to meet up, sit together and look in detail at all the images. It is a mammoth task but one that we all agree is a privilege to be part of. »
Peter Rowlands, Chair of the jury 2017
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Fabrice Puliero | Photographe total

Fabrice Puliero
Photographe total

Boulimique d’images, Fabrice Puliero est régulièrement publié dans les Défis de la Rédac’ ou la Critique photo.
Il fallait qu’on en sache plus sur ce photographe à la créativité débordante.

fabricepuliero02a fabricepuliero02b fabricepuliero02c fabricepuliero02d fabricepuliero02e— – —

Fabrice Puliero | Photographe total
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