Hasselblad X You | What will you create?

Content creator, storyteller, artist, adventurer, urban explorer – no matter how you think of yourself as a photographer, your images have a story to tell. Hasselblad X You is the opportunity for all X System photographers to showcase what you can create with your X1D-50c or X1D II and the artistic process behind your image.

Julius Hirtzberger
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Isabella Tabacchi
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Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís
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Daniel Mercadante
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Swee Oh
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Glaiza De Castro Is No Ordinary Leading Lady

As one of this generation’s best actresses, she can rock any role she puts her mind to
Why does it seem like Glaiza de Castro has effortlessly deviated from the pervading stereotypes of show business?

The 30-year-old artist—notice how we didn’t use the labels “actress” or “singer” exclusively in describing her—has left an indelible mark in every entertainment pursuit she’s chosen, whether on screen (The Rich Man’s Daughter) or on the radio (“Sa ’Yo Pa Rin”). And recently, the projects she’s kept herself busy with (Contessa, Liway) have aligned with the decision to do things her own way, which in turn has allowed one of this generation’s most unique leading ladies to enjoy artistically fooling around with the performances she’s been handed.
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Glaiza De Castro Is No Ordinary Leading Lady
Photography Xander Angeles of Edge of Light Studios

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Liu Bolin by Annie Leibovitz for Moncler

Moncler presents the brand’s Spring – Summer 2017 advertising campaign shot by renowned American photographer Annie Leibovitz with a form of communication which has again proven to be entirely unexpected and innovative.

Following the fairy-tale atmosphere and literary vision of the previous Moncler campaigns, the Spring/Summer 2017 imagery plays out along a surreal imaginary thread. The images are transformed into a chameleon-like camouflage which eliminates any certainty of reality. The protagonist is Chinese artist Liu Bolin, master of the impossible and the invisible, renowned for his allusive art in which only the silhouette of his body is visible against backdrops.

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Liu Bolin by Annie Leibovitz
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Liu Bolin: Art Hacker

Klein Sun Gallery is proud to announce Art Hacker, a solo exhibition by the world-renowned Chinese artist Liu Bolin, on view from November 17 through December 23, 2016.

liubolin11aTianjin Explosions, 2016

liubolin11b— – —

liubolin11cGuernica, 2016

liubolin11d— – —

liubolin11eMona Lisa, 2016

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The exhibition marks Liu Bolin’s shift towards the virtual world, exploring this new territory artistically through Post-Internet Art. This new body of work consists of appropriations of classical Masterpieces — da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Picasso’s Guernica — juxtaposed with a photograph of the devastating impact of the Tianjin explosions. Using complicated and precise hand-painted camouflage, Liu Bolin painstakingly recreates these images with scores of human subjects as his canvas. Through various methods, Liu Bolin’s new photographs have replaced the three subjects on numerous websites, which were targeted with image-search results on Google and Baidu, thus realizing the Hacker project. Neon installations of the URLs exhibited throughout the gallery pound home the transitory and delicate nature of the internet.

Liu Bolin: Art Hacker
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Alien transformation | Tauart

tauart00 tauart01 tauart02 tauart03” Russian deviantART user tauart turns ordinary women into spectacular alien versions of themselves. The otherworldly makeup and body paint applied by the crafty artist transforms everything from hair and skin color to skin shape and texture. These unrecognizable femme fatales are no longer from this earth, but vixen visitors mesmerizing the population with their intriguingly colorful veneer. “

tauart on deviantART from mymodernmet.com

Jay Mark Johnson

Artist Jay Mark Johnson produces photographic images that challenge the norms of perception. Throughout his career, in work spanning the disciplines of drawing and painting, filmmaking, performance, architecture, and photography, he has made visible the intersection of human nature and society.

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Natalie Shau

” Natalie Shau is mixed media artist and photographer of Russian and Kazakhstan descent based in Lithuania (Vilnius). She found interest in fashion and portrait photography as well as digital illustration and photo art.

Despite her personal work, Natalie also creates artwork and photography for musicians, theater, fashion magazines, writers and advertisement.

She also worked as an art director for a short 3d movie of Kamel Ouali musical “Dracula”.”

These are a few examples of her artistic photography and illustration “style” :

If you are interested in fine art giclee prints – you can email me directly and i will inform you about prices and availability. I do only very limited edition prints. They are all signed and numbered by hand. (see e-mail adress on her website)


Finally art book available! Called Tangled Tales. Beautiful 78 pages, 30×30 cm album printed on lustre paper contains best illustrations and photo works. Each book is signed and numbered by hand, limited edition of 500.



And keep your eyes open !