The Fine Art Of Travel Photography

How does a photographer transcend the “I was here” imagery that’s often associated with travel photography and create fine-art images of places near and far? From the dozens of workshops I’ve taught on the subject, as well as talking with—and carefully studying the work of—many of the great globetrotting lensmen and lenswomen in the field, I’ve developed a methodology that, when applied, should yield impressive and, at times, spectacular results.
Text & Photography By Mark Edward Harris
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NIGHT EXPOSURES: The Matterhorn from Zermatt, Switzerland. Many cities thrive at night and bring a different dimension to the travel experience. For cityscapes and architecture, use a low ISO, lock down the camera on a sturdy tripod, lock up the mirror of an SLR and use a cable release.
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DEPTH OF FIELD: Bonito, Brazil. Shooting at a maximum depth of field can create unique perspectives, especially for stunning architectural shots and landscapes.
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SHOOTING CONTRE-JOUR: Yazd, Iran. Shooting with the sun behind the subject eliminates harsh shadows. In-camera meters can get thrown off by contre-jour situations and underexpose the scene, so it’s important to know how to utilize the camera’s exposure lock and exposure compensation controls.
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SILHOUETTES: Mandalay, Myanmar. Dramatic silhouettes can be shot at any time of the day, but there must be a strong contrast between your background and your subject.
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The Fine Art Of Travel Photography
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Fashionista Behind The Camera | Tina Sokolovskaya

Starting with night clubs and ending up with Playboy Ukraine’s magazine, this isn’t just luck, but it is when hard work pays off and Tina Sokolovskaya surely has her way with it. This Ukraine based photographer now works with celebrities, famous artists, and singers all over the globe.

“By the way, my famous pic “On the Wave” was made in Dubai. This was an “accidental” shot. It was a usual commercial shooting for our client from Latvia, we were on the beach, and thought to shoot some interesting. Nearby there was a bridge, and I said: “Let me try to take a picture of you from above!” The sea was just a little restless, there was a wave, and this shot turned out. In fact, all the best is the result of the right moment.”

Fashionista Behind The Camera | Tina Sokolovskaya
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Canicule | Heat Wave

“Canicule” series (“Heat Wave” in english) performed during a hot day in late summer. We wanted to push the extreme sensuality, chills, skin texture, contrasts … We shot on bed, in natural light, and everything was as smooth an ice cube on wet skin.

Cindy Kirovograd shot by Lys Tiger

“Be yourself, be another, that we would like to be or that we are in silence …Through an encounter combining both universes, photography for me is the expression of a desire, a fantasy or reality. The opportunity to dare to break down barriers, to tremble a moment, diving into a dream. The opportunity to plural meetings and timeless creations”
Cindy Kirovograd

“I’m Lys, French female photographer, passionate of eroticism and fascinated by the curves, by the light that sculpts the hollow, and sublime them… I photograph on instinct, I research the animal side that hides in all of us. But I do not like to tell my life, and prefer to let my work speak for me”
Lys Tiger

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Canicule | Heat Wave
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Love is in the Air

“There’s so much I want to capture in my work, I feel sometimes I miss the boat on it completely. I’m really fueled by cinematic imagery…” Kaitlyn Mikayla

“I’d been dying to do a sexy bedroom set for awhile, but feared it would look like a cheesy Lifetime movie or a silly Cosmo sex article. It’d been a challenge to find two models who were actually in love, but when Alexis contacted me, I instantly knew she and Mark would be the one. We met up at Arlo Hotels, who were gracious enough to offer us a room to shoot.” tells New York based photographer Kaitlyn Mikayl. “I was so nervous because I’d never shot anything this hot. But Alexis Fabie & Mark Mandia immediately put me at ease. They were so comfortable being intimate on camera which made everything a breeze. And yes, they’re truly so in love that it’s infectious. I’ve never left a shoot in such a romantic mood.”
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Love is in the Air
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Le Nikon F de 1959 version Nanoblock

Créez un modèle aux détails réalistes du célèbre Nikon F, l’appareil reflex lancé par Nikon en avril 1959. Cette maquette Nanoblock de 1 000 pièces est la réplique exacte du Nikon F, jusqu’au logo Nikon inscrit au-dessus de l’objectif et au logo « F » au-dessus du viseur. Toutes les commandes sont reproduites : de la manivelle de rembobinage du film au déclencheur, en passant par le sélecteur ASA. Le levier d’armement est même reproduit. À l’avant du modèle se trouvent le levier du retardateur, le bouton de déverrouillage de l’objectif, le bouton de verrouillage du miroir et une commande d’aperçu de la profondeur de champ.

Nanoblock est une marque de jeu de construction japonais. Les détails de cette réplique du Nikon F1 sont très fidèles à l’original. Il s’agit d’un objet idéal pour les fans, parfait pour décorer un studio photo ou un salon.
– 1 000 pièces
– La plus petite pièce mesure 4 x 4 mm
– Système de support à double rangée pour un emboîtement parfait
– Les petites pièces permettent de créer un modèle plus détaillé

via Nikon

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