Werner Pawlok in search of the old Havanna

Werner Pawlok in search of the old Havanna
The patina of an individual wall appears like an abstract painting, the arrangement of colours seemingly left to chance. White, green, brown, and ochre tones mix together in a unique combination. The shine of the past and the irreversible decay of the present stand side by side in Werner Pawlok’s photographs of Havanna, revealing the morbid charm of the old Caribbean metropolis. The palaces of the old sugar aristocracy reveal their weathered faces with dignity. And, though there are no people in the scenery of Pawlok’s images, one senses the sheer vitality of the Habaneros. The bittersweet aftertaste of a sunken city, decay having long since set in, is almost palpable.

WernerPawlok06a WernerPawlok06b WernerPawlok06c WernerPawlok06d WernerPawlok06ePolaroids in 50 x 60 cm format are rare. In fact, there are just two cameras in the world capable of producing such images and film is practically non-existent. That these pictures might be used artistically is therefore even more remarkable. The giant Polaroid images of women taken by Werner Pawlok in the early 90s were transferred onto Fabriano cotton paper. What sets them apart is their surface, which has been deliberately torn but somehow without damaging the integrity of the pictures. Unique products of their time, the subtle aura they emit is not only reminiscent of some of the great works in art history, but is also a testament to modern stylistic techniques.

WernerPawlok06f WernerPawlok06g— – —

Werner Pawlok Photography
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Anton Corbijn’s Iconic Music Portraits are on View at the Hague Museum of Photography

Anton Corbijn’s Iconic Music Portraits are on View at the Hague Museum of Photography
… Shot on film, and most often in black and white, Corbijn’s pictures have more in common with street and documentary photography. They feel raw and ad hoc and vérité and intimate—unmasked, one might say, except for the fact that Corbijn frequently puts his subjects in actual masks, hats, and other costumes. His photographs are gritty and carnival-esque, belonging to a real yet surreal time and place of their own: A London street scene in Fellini’s Cinecittà, maybe. …
by Rebecca Bengal

AntonCorbijn06aSiouxsie Sioux, Kyoto, Japan, 1982

AntonCorbijn06bJohn Lydon, London, 1979

AntonCorbijn06cArcade Fire, London, 2005

AntonCorbijn06dNick Cave, London, 1996

AntonCorbijn06eKim Wilde, London, 1980

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Anton Corbijn’s Iconic Music Portraits are on View at the Hague Museum of Photography
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Pourquoi photographiez-vous?

Pourquoi photographiez-vous?

Pourquoi06a“La photographie est une façon de correspondre avec le monde. Je la pratique en absence de pensée, comme une légère méditation.” — Franco Zecchin
— – —

Pourquoi06b“Je photographie pour être, certes, mais surtout pour que l’autre soit.” — Éric Dessert
— – —

Pourquoi06c“Arrêter le temps.” — Jacques Borgetto
— – —

Pourquoi06d“Photographier? Très simple: c’est vital! C’est ma contribution au monde, ma part du colibri.” — Alain Gualina
— – —

Pourquoi06e“Pour écrire, témoigner, raconter une histoire et documenter ce que je vois.” — Mazen Saggar
— – —

Pourquoi06f“Pour ce qui m’échappe, pour le lâcher-prise de photographe autant que de son sujet.” — Pierre-Olivier Deschamps
— – —

Pourquoi06g“Parce que c’est Beau.” — Mi-Hyun Kim
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Pourquoi photographiez-vous?

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Réponses Photo Hors-Série N 20 – 2015

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Canon EOS 5Ds & 5Dsr | Test terrain & labo

Canon EOS 5Ds & 5Dsr
Test terrain & labo

CIeos5ds… Si on prend comme référence un écran de 24 pouces de 1920×1200 pixels de définition et que l’on regarde une photo produite par l’EOS 5Dsr à 100%, on a sous les yeux un extrait d’une image de 150x230cm environ qu’il conviendrait de regarder à 3m (distance d’observation égale à la diagonale de l’image) plutôt qu’à 60cm, comme c’est le cas devant un ordinateur. À méditer pour les accros de la loupe, avant de trancher sur la perte de détails. …

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CIeos5dsrChasseur d’Images N 375 – Juillet 2015
Leader européen de la presse photo, vidéo, téléphonie et nouvelles technologies. Chaque mois, des tests techniques, des leçons de photo et une multitude de conseils pour choisir votre matériel et améliorer votre pratique photographique.

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This Season’s Couture Goes to Kraków

Discover the hidden architectural gems of the medieval Old Town in Kraków, Poland, which make the perfect backdrop for this season’s exuberant couture creations.
Photography by Maciek Kobielski

MaciekKobielski06a MaciekKobielski06b MaciekKobielski06c MaciekKobielski06d— – —

This Season’s Couture Goes to Kraków
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Sanctuaire historique de Machu Picchu

This city in the sky is located at 2,430 meters above sea level in the southern part of Peru. Its marvelous architecture was constructed about 500 years ago by piling up huge stones that weigh more than 10 tons each. It includes the royal palace, a system of waterways, long stairways and an expanse of terraced fields cut into the steep mountainsides. The Incas worshiped the Sun and the Moon. Their profound intelligence remains a mystery beyond modern people’s imaginings.

MachuPicchu01 MachuPicchu02 MachuPicchu03 MachuPicchu04 MachuPicchu05 MachuPicchu06— – —

Sanctuaire historique de Machu Picchu
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2015 EPSON International Pano Awards

Enter the 2015 Awards
EpsonPano01The sixth Epson International Pano Awards is dedicated to the art of panoramic photography. Advances in digital photography and editing software has resulted in a surge in the popularity of image stitching, especially in the panoramic format. Panoramic film photography also remains alive and well. The Epson International Pano Awards showcases the work of panoramic photographers worldwide and is the largest competition for panoramic photography.

EpsonPano022014 Major Open Award Winner
Dennis Ramos, USA
The Sunshine Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg, Florida

EpsonPano032014 Major Amateur Winner
Ben Neale, Australia
Light – Arnhem Land, Australia.

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2015 EPSON International Pano Awards
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