Landscapes and Cityscapes

Photography by Marek Biegalski

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Brooklyn park view
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//no title
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Manhattan sunset
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Rockabill Lighthouse
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Marek Biegalski
Landscape and Travel photographer
Photography tours and trips

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Stefan Forster’s relentless landscape photography quest

Looking through Forster’s portfolio of dramatic landscapes that include icebergs shimmering under the Northern Lights, rarely-captured desert rainstorms, and breathtaking drone shots of the Grand Canyon, you can see that Forster’s idea of “something different” means finding and capturing a scene bathed in the perfect light.

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Stefan Forster’s relentless landscape photography quest
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“Landscape” 2018 Theme Winners

From coastal regions, to plains and magnificent mountain ranges the Landscape view can be one of the most awe inspiring and beautiful images we will ever frame up. Large in scale, lines, imagination and range but filled with so many beautiful details they can also be one of the most challenging to compose.

First Place:
Ancient Bristlecone under the Milky Way by Peter Hines
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Second Place:
Eye of Stokksnes by Wojciech Kruczynski
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Third Place:
Mordor by Nico Rinaldi
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Honorable Mention:
Alpe di Siusi by ​Ales Krivec
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Ancient Whispers by Craig Bill
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“Landscape” 2018 Theme Winners
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In conversation with Peter Cox

Peter Cox left behind the heady world of IT infrastructure design in the United States to return to his native Ireland, where he is now a full-time professional landscaper. A gallery owner and workshop leader, he is also passionate about technological innovation and has become a leading light in drone photography…
Interview by Nick Smith

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In conversation with Peter Cox
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The Alaskan Allure | Matt Skinner

The Alaskan Allure
Matt Skinner Photography

Fire in the Sky
Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 1/30 se., f/4.0, ISO 100
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Eklutna Tailrace Reflections
Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 2.5 sec., f/8.0, ISO 100
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Lake Rotorua
Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 1/250 sec., f/9.0, ISO 100
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Out of This World Aurora
Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 18 sec., ISO 1600
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The Alaskan Allure
Matt Skinner Photography
Interview by Harris Lim in Bokeh Magazine

Featured Photographer: Conor MacNeill

« We speak to travel and destination photographer, Conor MacNeill, who’s passion for travel has lead him to over 60 countries so far.
He not only visits the main destinations and puts his unique photographic twist on things, but also manages to capture the essence of a country by visiting the paths less-travelled… »

conormacneill02aFushimi Inari
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conormacneill02bUnder The Green of The Night, The Horses Did Roam
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conormacneill02dQuiver Tree Forest
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conormacneill02eSecret Hell
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Featured Photographer: Conor MacNeill
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Weather Watch Photography Competition | Winners Announced

The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers (SINWP)

weatherwatch02a1st Place
Congratulations to Hamish Scott-Brown with this image entitled ‘Sunrise over Flecknoe’
Hamish says’ I was scouting locations in and around my homeland of Warwickshire for some ‘Journeys’ related to my other business. (Photographic Journeys) It was shot at Flecknoe at dawn’
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weatherwatch02b2nd Place
Congratulations to Antony Zacharias with this image entitled ‘Storms at Penmon Lighthouse’
‘This image was taken of Penmon Point Lighthouse in Anglesey, North Wales as a stormy sky brewed late in the day in the distance.’
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weatherwatch02c3rd Place
Congratulations to Peter Jones LSINWP with this image entitled ‘Northern Lights’
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weatherwatch02dHighly Commended

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