Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland has so much to offer that even the scenes alongside the road are little jewels. It is of no surprise it is the most inspirational destination for Nick Page

Iceland is one of the most entertaining, diverse landscape for the landscape photographer. What could be better than an easy to navigate land filled with green moss, waterfalls, glaciers, seascapes, volcanoes, midnight sun and Aurora Borealis?
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Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice
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Northern Light

Dutch supermodel Bregje Heinen illuminates everything from the runways of New York to the landscapes of Iceland.
Text by Justin Rohrlich, Photographed by Gilles Bensimon, Styled by Caroline Christiansson

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Bregje Heinen
The Dutch Supermodel Radiates Elegance

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Discover Wild Iceland

Discover Wild Iceland
By Rafn Sigurbjornsson

Rafn Sig,- is well known freelance Icelandic photographer who have focused on the raw nature and landscape since he was a young boy. He has been hiking in the Icelandic highlands and low lands all his live and knows the nature and the hidden spots like a true native.

rafnsigurbjornsson02a rafnsigurbjornsson02b rafnsigurbjornsson02c rafnsigurbjornsson02d rafnsigurbjornsson02e rafnsigurbjornsson02f rafnsigurbjornsson02g— – —

Discover Wild Iceland
By Rafn Sigurbjornsson

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IceLand Road Trip by Joseph Puhy

IceLand Road Trip by Joseph Puhy
“These images were created on a bucket list trip to IceLand for my 40th birthday. We took ten days to loop around the land of Fjord and Foss. I can’t wait to go back.”

JosephPuhy08a JosephPuhy08b JosephPuhy08c JosephPuhy08d JosephPuhy08eJoseph Puhy Photographer
I am a Los Angles based photographer that works with a wide range of clients from commercial to editorial. My style has a natural aesthetic with a cinematic approach. I capture moments of people and things relating to their environment, either in harmony or discord. That relationship tells stories worth sharing.

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Iceland by Zack Seckler

Iceland, a photographic exhibition by Zack Seckler
In his new exhibition, featuring a selection of breathtaking aerial photographs of Icelandic landscapes shot from an ultralight aircraft, Seckler captures a beautifully abstracted natural perspective that is as staggeringly momentous as it is delicate. Picturing various natural and animal forms, from birds to seals, we get a true sense of his astonishing journey. With strong figures and forms, we also begin to feel the sheer power of Iceland’s frigid tundra, though, because of Seckler’s careful composition, we also understand the subtlety and magic of his experience.

ZackSeckler04a ZackSeckler04b ZackSeckler04c ZackSeckler04d ZackSeckler04eIceland by Zack Seckler

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Seeing Beyond … A diamond of ice

«Seeing Beyond» – is the name of the prestigious international ZEISS Photography Award that will begin this year in partnership with the World Photography Organisation (WPO)

DanyEid12aA glittering glacier block in Iceland is the title photo of the ZEISS Photography Award Seeing Beyond – Meaningful Places. In this interview, Dany Eid gives insight into how the image was created.

DanyEid12bDany Eid Photography
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Photographers from all over the world are invited to showcase their talent to a distinguished jury and international audience. This year’s theme is “Meaningful Places”. Take part now by submitting a series of three to ten images by February 5, 2016. Enter for a chance to win unique prizes.

Planet Earth | Stefan Forster

Amazing Light Hunter
Stefan Forster, born in 1986 in Switzerland, is one of the youngest international active Landscape photographers. Since 8 years he is hunting the greatest light to photograph, all over the world. Meanwhile his work has been published in several famous magazines and calendar projects. Compared to photographers who are specialized in certain genres, his field of work is the whole planet. Parallel to his start in professional photography, he is a founder of a photography school in Switzerland which now is one of the biggest photography schools in Switzerland.

StefanForster08a StefanForster08b StefanForster08c StefanForster08d StefanForster08e StefanForster08f StefanForster08g— – —

“Light Hunter”is about Stefan Forster and Iceland and it will be released Fall 2015 in German, English and French.

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