The Series

WePhoto – 2016 – Reportage – Vol 4
This new collection – The Series – is made of different eBooks, each one (or more than one if required) related to a specific photographic theme, including the artworks of several authors from Italy and abroad. This is the fourth eBook of the Ten line of this new collectionand has been dedicated to Reportage Photography.

wephoto09a wephoto09b wephoto09cAnjan Ghosh Photography
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wephoto09d wephoto09e wephoto09fFranco Mazza Photography
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wephoto09g wephoto09h wephoto09iSaro Di Bartolo Photography
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The Series
WePhoto – 2016 – Reportage – Vol 4
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Conquer Composition by Adam Barker

Technique Can Be Taught And Equipment Can Be Bought, But Vision Is Singular.

Our greatest challenge as landscape and active lifestyle photographers is to transport the viewer “there”…

AdamBarker08a AdamBarker08b AdamBarker08c AdamBarker08dabout the author
Raised amongst Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, internationally acclaimed photographer Adam Barker has a passion for photography matched only by his zest for life. Known for bold landscape and active lifestyle imagery, his love affair with exceptional imagery has translated into stirring editorial work for Outdoor Photographer, Skiing, Ski, Powder, Men’s Journal, Outside, Fitness, The Drake, Mountain Magazine, and many more publications. He has drawn praise for his teaching style at workshops both domestic and abroad, and has drawn similar accord for his instructional DVDs.

Conquer Composition by Adam Barker
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Free Photography Guides

Free Photography Guides
Here you’ll find our collection of free photography guides, covering hot photography topics and need-to-know information!

freebook07aRocky Nook’s Guide to Food Photography for Instagrammers

freebook07bRocky Nook’s Guide to Implementing Circumstantial Light

freebook07cRocky Nook’s Guide to Making the Move to Capture One Pro

freebook07dRocky Nook’s Guide to Flash Terminology

freebook07eRocky Nook’s Guide to Photographing Cuba

freebook07fRocky Nook’s Guide to HDR & Panoramas in Lightroom 6

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Alister Benn’s Introduction to Night Photography

Alister Benn’s Introduction to Night Photography
This freebie will teach you how to create stunning night photographs.

NightPhotography12aStar trails. Nightscapes. Moonrises. If these words mean anything to you, then you’ve probably already tried shooting at night. So how did it go? Did your photographs come out the way you wanted them?

Don’t worry if you thought it was hard. Shooting at night is a completely different approach than regular shooting. That’s why we thought we’d give you a great starting guide to it. Clocking in under 28 pages, this freebie is easy to digest and useful enough for any nightscape enthusiast.

So if you’re unafraid of the challenge, Introduction to Night Photography will familiarize you with the genre’s most popular tools and techniques. You’ll learn both the must-have equipment and the most practical ideas to keep in mind while you’re staring up at the night sky.

NightPhotography12b NightPhotography12c NightPhotography12d NightPhotography12eAlister Benn’s Introduction to Night Photography
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Michael Ernest Sweet’s Free Street Photography Bible

Michael Ernest Sweet’s Free Street Photography Bible
Create original, thought-provoking street photographs.

StreetPhotographyBible12aHow do stay unique in a genre that’s seen everything?
I’m sure you’ve seen the same sort of street photographs that I have: black-and-white photos of people crossing a street. Black-and-white photos of the homeless. Black-and-white photos of somebody screaming. How do you find something unique?

StreetPhotographyBible12bWell, this ebook answers that question bluntly. You can’t. Yeah, you can try, but what happens on the street happens everywhere, at all times. Sure, you can create new perspectives and unique ways of seeing, but you’re stuck with the same human elements.

StreetPhotographyBible12cWhat’s inside this eBook?
Well, So how do you create original work? That’s the question this “bible” directs you to. Yes, you study. You practice. You find your voice. And you shoot. But what makes a street photographer a real bonafide street photographer?

StreetPhotographyBible12dMichael Ernest Sweet, a serious street photographer and writer (you can read his stuff on Huffington Post), crammed everything he knows into this ebook. And you’ll learn it all from him. It’s his bible. And it’s free for all you crazy talented street photographers.

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Free Manfrotto Food Photography eBook

Nowadays it seems every time you go to a restaurant, there’s somebody shooting a photo of their plate of food to post up onto some social media network to share with their friends. In fact, it’s become so widespread that some top restaurants have now banned it! While taking a quick snap with your phone can be a blast – and can be improved with a little know-how such as a small LED light to boost the lighting – taking professional-quality photos of food can be fun and not as difficult as you’d think. And it’s largely thanks to digital SLRs that can work really well at lower light levels due to their amazing high ISO capabilities. In this guide, we’ll be telling you about the equipment you’ll need and the techniques to use to take some truly great photographs of food.

Food09a Food09b Food09c Food09d Food09eFree Manfrotto Food Photography eBook

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