Ready for action and adventure

Insights and ideas from Scott Markewitz, action sports and lifestyle photographer

“I love doing lifestyle and portrait work in addition to action sports photography. I think I have a knack for capturing the spirit of my subjects and really conveying what they are experiencing at the time. There’s a certain light behind their eyes—a sense of adventure and fearlessness that I try to convey in my shots. Those fleeting moments of emotion and human interaction shine through. When I capture them, it’s a tremendously rewarding feeling.”

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Insights and ideas from Scott Markewitz, Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® user

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Vote for your Readers’ Choice Champion!

Back in september, Practical Photography and sister title Country Walking, in association with Fujifilm, launched a massive new annual competition designed to celebrate the breathtaking beauty of the British Isles.
Almost 3000 entries have been whittled down to just 15 and we want you to help decide who wins the final category – the Readers’ Choice.

Lifestyle | Derek Poulton
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Landscape | Jonathan Close
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Lifestyle | Colin Hamilton
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Nature | John Emmett
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Landscape | Pawel Zygmunt
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Voting closes 11 March 2019.

Hashtag Authentic: Finding Creativity and Building a Community on Instagram and Beyond

Instagram is the fastest growing of all social media platforms, with 400 million monthly active users worldwide—half of whom are under the age of twenty-five. While some use the app as a personal networking tool, many also use it to build their creative business endeavours; whether in food and drink or fashion and lifestyle.

Sara Tasker has done just that, and since setting up her account whilst on maternity leave in 2013, has become an Instagram coach, iPhoneographer and social media influencer. Her chronicle of authentic everyday life and her mindful Me and Orla blog has developed into a business in which she provides access to free insta-tips, alongside some hugely popular paid for e-courses for independent creatives.

Hashtag Authentic draws on the lessons Sara has learned over the past five years to provide readers with tips, advice and guidance on how to turn their personal Instagram account into a profitable creative outlet. From visual storytelling and improving photography skills to archiving day-to-day life and changing the work/life balance, this book is both an inspiring manual and an interactive tool for finding an online voice, growing a tribe and becoming an influencer.

Hashtag Authentic: Finding Creativity and Building a Community on Instagram and Beyond
by Sara Tasker
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ISBN 978-1-911127-61-1
Digital edition: 978-1-78131-8-881
Hardcover edition: 978-1-91112-7-611

Traveling The World | The Yoga Lifestyle

I Spent A Year Traveling The World And Photographing People Committed To The Yoga Lifestyle By​ Alexey Wind

A year ago, I went on a round-the-world trip, during which I visited 28 countries and took photos of people practicing yoga in unusual places.

Through my project, I wanted to show people from the big cities who are committed to yoga philosophy and yoga lifestyle; people, who live in the middle of a hustle but manage to maintain their harmony and happiness. It doesn’t matter what is surrounding you. What really matters – is how you look at everything around you.

The project called “Yoga and the City” combines art, spirituality, and fitness. It is a reflection of a person’s strength and power. Strength to overcome adversities and to find a balance while living in a fast-paced environment. Yoga – is a way to find alignment with your true self, to become closer to your spiritual core.

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I Spent A Year Traveling The World And Photographing People Committed To The Yoga Lifestyle
By​ Alexey Wind
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Lifestyle Photography

Outstanding Examples Of Lifestyle Photography
Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best lifestyle photos in this photo contest

“Hipster girl sitting on wooden pier in the rays of the setting sun. A vacation in Thailand. Hands with tattoos. ” by cinematheart
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“Alone with her thoughts… ” by JulieAnnNewell
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“The devil’s dog ” by cityfruit
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“Lexi ” by HathsinPhotography
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“Little masterpiece ” by piotrciechomski
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“That time of Year ” by ivannicolau
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Lifestyle Photography
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‘Tribe’ by Ben Moore

“I remember taking my first photograph as a child using an old 1970’s Nikon SLR. Twenty five years later, and my passion and love of photography has only grown and grown. I live and breathe through my lenses and quite simply adore taking photographs. I didn’t actually study photography… I spent my college and university years following my other great passion, biodiversity conservation. I was lucky enough to spend time in some of the most remote and spectacular places on the planet, and in completing many research projects for my degree, masters and PhD, my love for photography grew and grew. So instead of crawling around the amazon jungle tagging crocodiles or climbing cloud-capped peaks on the Galapagos Islands looking for giant tortoises, I now travel to equally spectacular places, but with my camera in my hand… not a magnifying glass…” —Ben Moore

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‘Tribe’ by Ben Moore
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Global Roaming | Chris McLennan

Chris McLennan is a New Zealand based travel photographer who works for tourism industry clients around the globe. He has photographed in over 50 different countries to date and has received a number of internatonal photography awards. He is an ambassador for camera brand Nikon and computng giant HP. He also holds endorsement relatonships with Lexar, Lowepro and AquaTech.

Actually to call him a travel photographer is something of a misnomer, as Chris works across travel related genres such as lifestyle, adventure, wildlife and natural history with equal aplomb. The fact that all of these necessitate travel – because his clients and shoot locatons are spread all over the globe – is perhaps the strongest link. In this feature, we’ve chosen to focus on his lifestyle and adventure imagery.

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Global Roaming by Chris McLennan
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