2016 MAXIM HOT 100

2016 MAXIM HOT 100

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Yes, welcome to the 2016 MAXIM HOT 100 — our annual, eclectic list of the most gifted and gorgeous Australian women who have impressed — and undressed — this year. There’s an abundance of fine femmes who have wowed us with their aptitude, intellect, sexiness, humour, coolness, physical attributes, and overall mega-talents, for you to feast your eyes on. So, please sit back, grab a drink and celebrate this special special edition of MAXIM.

maxim2016a maxim2016b maxim2016c maxim2016d maxim2016e maxim2016f maxim2016g2016 MAXIM HOT 100
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1 – Margot Robbie, 2 – Jessica Marais, 3 – Delta Goodrem, 4 – Jennifer Hawkins, 5 – Renee Somerfield, 6 – Miranda Kerr, 7 – Olympia Valance, 8 – Bindi Irwin, 9 – The Veronicas, 10 – Ruby Rose

Vixen Next Door

Fearless in front of the camera, cover model Hannah Ferguson is still a Texas farm girl at heart.

hannahferguson10aVixen Next Door
Text by Sarah Horne Grose, photographed by Gilles Bensimon, styled by Caroline Christiansson

hannahferguson10b hannahferguson10c hannahferguson10d“When I get in front of the camera, there’s something in me that just comes out. that’s my favorite kind of work: being sexy.”

hannahferguson10eWickedly Sexy
Hannah Ferguson by Gilles Bensimon

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Rainy Street Photography | Ed Gordeev

Rainy Street Photography
by Ed Gordeev

edgordeev10aСанкт-Петербург. Лето
— – —

edgordeev10bлиссабонские зарисовки…
— – —

edgordeev10cСанкт-Петербург. Октябрь..
— – —

— – —

edgordeev10eОсенняя фотография…
— – —

Ed Gordeev Photography
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Total Bellas

Total Bellas
WWE’s most recognizable twins have continued elevating the women’s division in sports entertainment with their actions in and out of the ring. Here’s a look at what these sisterpreneurs have in store and how they’re training to keep up.
by Eric Velazquez
Photographs by Per Bernal

totalbellas10a totalbellas10b totalbellas10c totalbellas10d totalbellas10e totalbellas10f totalbellas10g totalbellas10h totalbellas10iFast-forward to April 2016 at WrestleMania 32, which was another evolution in sports entertainment. A new generation of highly capable, hyperathletic women—led by entertaining duo Brie and Nikki Bella—gave WWE the perfect excuse to do away with the categorization of a “Divas” championship and introduce a more appropriate “Women’s” title, lending even more (and certainly welldeserved) credibility to a growing division.

Total Bellas
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