« Je suis comme mes chansons, libertine, douce et fidèle. Très fidèle »

L’iconique et secrète Mylène Farmer remontait sur scène en juin dernier six ans après son dernier concert. Seule française à avoir rempli deux soirs de suite le Stade de France, ses 35 ans de carrière ont été savamment menés. Et pour célébrer ses nombreuses années de succès, Télé7Jours a pensé un hors-série collector de 100 pages qui sortira le 12 septembre, le jour de l’anniversaire de l’artiste. 100 pages d’interviews de Mylène Farmer mais aussi de photos rares et inédites.

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« Je suis comme mes chansons, libertine, douce et fidèle. Très fidèle »
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This Woman’s Work

In this special edition we celebrate 40 years of Kate Bush, who’s unique brand of songwriting and performing has bewitched the globe since her debut single, ‘Wuthering Heights’ made UK No. 1 in 1978.
Inside, we explore Bush’s career, from her wide-eyed beginnings touted as a child genius, through to the critical and commercial success of her incredible canon of work, and on to 2014’s triumphant return to the stage for her 22-night residency at London’s Hammersmith Apollo.

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Classic Pop Presents Kate Bush 40th Anniversary Edition
Exclusive Interviews • Classic albums • Rare Photos
Collaborations • Her Greatest Tracks and More…

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Rare Photos From Barbra Streisand’s Glory Days

Rare Photos From Barbra Streisand’s Glory Days

When Barbra Streisand made her Broadway debut in 1962 in I Can Get It for You Wholesale, she was still a somewhat-unlikely star. After graduating from high school and moving to Manhattan in 1959, she experienced a slew of rejection from casting agents who told her repeatedly that she was “talented but too ugly.” Yet, as the dowdy secretary Yetta Tessye Marmelstein, Streisand stole the show — and earned a Best Supporting Actress Tony nomination. A year later, she won Grammys for Album of the Year and Best Female Vocalist for her first record, The Barbra Streisand Album, and quickly became one of the most enduring icons of her time. ... — By Erica Schwiegershausen

BarbraStreisand101One of a series of photographs taken to illustrate her first No. 1 album; People, 1964.
Photo: Streisand: In the Camera Eye (Abrams) / Columbia Records

Photo:Streisand: In the Camera Eye (Abrams) / David Drew Zingg/Look Magazine

BarbraStreisand103On the set of On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, 1970
The cover of Streisand: In the Camera Eye (Abrams); photographed by Cecil Beaton.

BarbraStreisand104In Funny Girl, 1968
Photo: Streisand: In the Camera Eye (Abrams) / Authors Collection

Photo: Streisand: In the Camera Eye (Abrams) / Craig D. Simpson, case photo

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Rare Photos From Barbra Streisand’s Glory Days

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Rare and classic photos of an american genius

Ray Charles: Rare and Classic Photos of an American Genius, 1966

In July 1966, LIFE magazine published a remarkable feature story on the man Frank Sinatra reportedly once called “the only true genius in show business” — Mr. Ray Charles.   Whether or not he was the only genius in show business is debatable; but there’s no getting around the fact that Ray Charles is one of a handful of the most influential American musicians in history. A prodigious pianist, soulful songwriter and vocalist of astonishing range and power, Charles transformed the pop-culture landscape with his melding of gospel, blues and R&B music during the 1950s.

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Mike Mitchell | Rare photos of the Beatles early days

Mike Mitchell Beatles photos: new exhibit gives rare glimpse into the band’s early days.

mikemitchellB01 Paul McCartney, John Lennon mikemitchellB03 mikemitchellB04“The Beatles are a band destined to be remembered in black and white. Dressed in their dark fitted suits, performing behind perfectly monochromatic instruments, John, Paul, George and Ringo are best captured in two very specific segments of the color spectrum.”

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