Кирилл Уютнов | Kirill Uyutnov

Кирилл Уютнов | Kirill Uyutnov

Kirill Uyutnov was born and bred in Moscow. He graduated from The Geological Prospecting University, and is now engaged in the exploration of gold deposits. Photography, like Hiking, became a major interest during his school years, but specific landscape-shooting came to captivate him at a later stage – whilst doing field work. Subsequently, in order to better connect with nature and better feel nature around him, he went on a few long missions, which lasted for months. On those lengthy missions, he dedicated all his spare time to the contemplation of natural forms, leading him to embrace thoughtfulness and mindfulness in photographing the natural beauty of the surrounding world. Kirill Uyutnov took a wide range of pictures stretching from the Arctic to the equator; but he fell in love with the sublime nature of the Russian North. So, over the past five years, with a camera in his hands, he visited Yakutia, Kolyma, Chukotka, the Urals and Caucasus mountains, the Putorana plateau and lake Baikal, Kamchatka and the Kola Peninsula, Yamal, the Taimyr Peninsula and the Laptev Sea.

KirillUyutnov03a KirillUyutnov03b KirillUyutnov03c KirillUyutnov03dКирилл Уютнов | Kirill Uyutnov
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Les silences de l’hiver

Les silences de l’hiver
avec Emmanuel Boitier

“Les mois sont une facétie de l’homme, une invention; la nature, elle, n’a que faire du chapelet des jours que l’on égrène dans nos calendriers. Il n’y a que deux saisons, celle où les fleurs et les arbres poussent, et l’autre, celle où la nature semble en attente, d’une résignation souvent tranquille, parfois furieuse…”

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Les silences de l’hiver avec Emmanuel Boitier

Nat’Images N 30 – Février-Mars 2015
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