Olympus Visionary | Tracie Maglosky

Tracie Maglosky is an award-winning wedding and portrait photographer living in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. Her studio is located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati’s Brewery and Arts District in OTR. As a distinguished member of the Visionary Program for Olympus, she travels frequently to present her photography, lighting and posing techniques for weddings, maternity and newborn photography and proven business strategies.

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Olympus Visionary
Tracie Maglosky

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Image Maker

The advent of digital technology has had the biggest impact in the Art, Science and Business of photography after the invention of color films.

Digital cameras, labs, storage devices, digital manipulation software, etc. have completely and dramatically changed the photography business as the world has known since it began. This synergy between the old and contemporary, results in great images. The impact of visual communication is seen by the innumerable images we see every day in our environment. Photographers are often at the forefront as they document history and social changes.

The resources of these image makers are tapped by virtually all industries and very few people will be unaffected by photographic image capture, in its varied usages and application.

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Image Maker
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Kelly Brown | Getting light on your side for newborns

A happy glow from down under
Too many newborn shoots seem to concentrate on a warm studio and forget all about warm lighting– light with direction, glow, colour and life. We see so many photographers use soft, formless lighting and bland backgrounds for babies which almost lose outlines and merge into a magnolia marshmallow smudge. Well, baby skin has to look soft and perfect, doesn’t it? And newborns are not immune to skin care problems? So, light flat? But newborns have wonderful cheeks and chins and eyes, little noses and perfect lips. Rounded, dimensional, confident lighting can work!

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Kelly Brown
Getting light on your side for newborns

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