Landscapes by Kim Suk Eun

In the Mountains …

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Three peaks and small two men
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Flash of hope
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Greetings from Monument Valley
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Landscapes by Kim Suk Eun
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Mirrors. Mountains

Mirrors. Mountains
by Mikolaj Gospodarek, Photographer, Studio Incognito

About Me
My adventure with landscape photography began many years ago during the mountain climbing and hiking in Poland. I decided to show the beauty of the world around me by photographs, which after a few years turned into my profession and way of life. For 8 years I have worked in the St. Paul Edition as a photographer and photo editor. I have had many trips abroad performing materials in a variety of conditions – on the Alpine summits and wild shores of the Mediterranean islands. Each photographic expedition is a wonderful adventure and full of amazing experiences struggle – the struggle for the image of the painting quiet light of the world, which does not really exist, because after a while it is only a memory, but thanks to the subtleties of photos I can share it with audiences around the world.

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“Vision of China ” by Thierry Bornier

A project about Bornier’s experience and work as a photographer specializing in the landscapes of China. For the past three years, Bornier has crossed almost the whole country, capturing the mood of the amazing places he has been.

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“Vision of China ” by Thierry Bornier
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Cámaras de montaña

Desde hace tres años, se celebra un certamen que premia, a partes iguales, la complicada proeza de escalar altas montañas, así como hacerlo armado no solo de los complementos necesarios y la energía a tope de carga, sino también en compañía de nuestra inseparable cámara de fotos. Y es que en este tipo de imágenes no solo hay que saber plasmar el momento justo –que ya es arduo complicado-, sino también hacerlo en contra de duras inclemencias meteorológicas, difíciles y largas caminatas, y todo tipo de circunstancias que pueden sorprendernos kilómetros arriba. En esta ocasión, han sido 300 los valientes participantes procedentes de 56 países, los que han presentado más 800 imágenes a concurso. Con estas cifras de participación, el concurso organizado por el Club Vasco de Camping Elkartea se consolida como concurso internacional y de calidad, lo que también se justifica por las fantásticas imágenes presentadas.

“The Lighthouse”
Christoph Jorda
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“Steph Daves. The Joker 5.12+”
Krystle Wright
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“Martian Mountains”
José Allende
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“Chilling Out”
Kamil Sustiak
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“Dream Green”
David Wrangborg
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Follow The Adventures Of Suki The Cat

Suki n’est pas n’importe quel chat tigré. C’est un aventurier. Basé au Canada, il partage ses tribulations sur Instagram, comme un humain. Il apprécie particulièrement s’aventurer du côté des lacs et montagnes de son pays, où il prend la pose avec prestance.

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Follow The Adventures Of Suki The Cat
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These Breathtaking Natural Wonders No Longer Exist

Natural and manmade forces continue to reshape Earth’s landscape.

Jeffery Pine, Yosemite National Park
The dead and wind-battered Jeffery pine atop Yosemite’s Sentinel Dome, made famous by Ansel Adams, finally toppled in 2003. Some say the only tree in the scenic vista was one of the world’s most photographed trees, having been the star of glass plate images as early as the 1860s.
Photograph by Harald Sund
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Slim River, Canada
In spring 2017, an entire river in Canada’s Yukon territory vanished seemingly overnight. The culprit was the retreat of the massive Kaskawulsh Glacier whose meltwater diverted from the Slim River to feed a different river. Scientists called it the first case of “river piracy” in modern times. These changes are also shrinking the Yukon’s largest lake. You can see Kluane Lake’s receding shoreline along Alaska Highway 1 and from points within Kluane National Park and Reserve.
Photograph by Alan Majchrowicz
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Elephant Rock, Canada
Some 200 tons of rocks toppled from New Brunswick’s “Elephant Rock” Flowerpot Formation last spring, turning a peephole into a pile of rubble. The scenic spot in Hopewell Rocks Park was one of the most popular stops for travelers taking in the remarkably wide-ranging tides of the Bay of Fundy.
Photograph by Mike Grandmaison
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Twelve Apostles Marine National Park, Australia
There’s a few less apostles in Australia’s Twelve Apostles Marine National Park. In 2005, one of the largest and most intricate of the offshore sea stacks crumpled into dust in front of a watching family. Already the remnants of pummeled cliffs, the heavy surf there means the remaining seven apostles aren’t far behind.
Photograph by David Noton
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Legzira Beach, Morocco
Paragliders, surfers, fishermen, and a handful of in-the-know visitors who frequented Legzira Beach outside the city of Sidi Ifni in Morocco mourned when its twin red sea arch succumbed to the weight of the massive cliff above it in 2016. The rust-colored hideaway was a popular sunset scene; a similar setting can be found in the Jurassic-era red sea stacks of Landram Bay in Devon, England.
Photograph by Zzvet
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Landscapes shape our sense of place, yet Earth is constantly changing. The forces of volcanism, wind, water, sun, and, yes, humans, conspire to transform what has been crafted into familiar terrain over millennia—pummeling cliffs into beaches, eroding vast canyons, forming new land with bubbling lava, and shifting the course of mighty rivers.

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