Finding Myself in the Stars

Finding Myself in the Stars
by Don Whitebread

California, USA – I spent the summers of my youth wherever my father’s work as a geologist took us, usually camped deep in a desert mountain range.  Watching the slow change of light and weather during the day, and the flow of stars across the night sky was my best entertainment. This background fueled my interest in photography, and has drawn me to remote locations throughout my life. I chose to photograph this series using only natural light, and rarely moonlight, to show that faint, diffuse starlight that few people really see any more.

donwhitebread02a donwhitebread02b donwhitebread02c donwhitebread02d donwhitebread02e donwhitebread02f donwhitebread02g— – —

Finding Myself in the Stars
by Don Whitebread

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Natural Wonders in Asia

Natural Wonders in Asia

natureasia02aGokyo Lakes Trek, Nepal
A hike to Gokyo Ri will take you over 17,000 feet above the Himalaya. Above lakes and clouds you’ll get a whole new perspective on its neighbor, Mount Everest.
Photograph by Kiwisoul, Getty Images
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natureasia02bZhangye Danxia Landform, China
The colorful striations of the Zhangye Danxia landform in Zhangye, China.
Photograph by Melinda Chan, Getty Images
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natureasia02cJigoku Valley, Japan
Colorful foliage surrounds Oyunuma Lake in Jigoku-Dani, Noboribetsu, Japan. The thermal hot springs are a popular stop for visitors in Shikotsu-Toya National Park.
Photograph by Sean Paveone, Getty Images
— – —

natureasia02dHang Son Doong Cave, Vietnam
There is plenty to discover in Hang Son Doong cave in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam. The cave is one of the largest in the world and requires a licensed guide to explore.
Photograph by Cartsen Peter, National Geographic Creative
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from: 7 Stunning Natural Wonders in Asia

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Михалюк Сергей | Sergei Mikhalyuk

Михалюк Сергей | Sergei Mikhalyuk

sergeimikhalyuk01a« Золотая лихорадка »
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— – —

sergeimikhalyuk01cЕдинственный и единственная…
— – —

sergeimikhalyuk01dIn the light of the sun
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sergeimikhalyuk01eI like the risk
— – —

Самодисциплина и познание Себя. Образ жизни определяет кто мы есть. Так получилось, что в начале своего жизненного пути я выбрал искусство. Сегодня я занимаюсь многими видами современного искусства, и организую вокруг себя людей.
Искусство Быть Собой. Сайт
Фотография, хореография, путешествия, воинские искусства…
Хореограф- постановщик, учитель.
Организую фотопутешествия в разные места земного шара.
Не важно что я снимаю, Все мои фотографии несут либо смысл либо состояние (ощущения) Форма лишь продолжение моего духа и моей индивидуальности.
Я не постиг Себя, но я на Пути…

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I Just Travelled 24.000km Through North America And Took Home These Incredible Pictures

I Just Travelled 24.000km Through North America And Took Home These Incredible Pictures
by Guido Diana

guidodiana01aMy name is Guido Diana and September 2016 I decided to fulfill my long life dream to travel and photograph North America. With more than 24.000 km traveled by air and road, I witnessed some of the most incredible scenery and adventures.

guidodiana01bDuring my three months of travel, I have seen the yellow aspen fall colors of Colorado, the incredible lakes of the Canadian Rockies, drove San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge, Stood at the foot of the Grand Canyon, had an encounter with a wild grizzly bear and saw much more breathtaking views!

guidodiana01cWhat I saw in North America blew my mind, and in my opinion, this continent has some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. That’s why I want to share my 35 best shots of this trip with you.

guidodiana01dI Just Travelled 24.000km Through North America And Took Home These Incredible Pictures
by Guido Diana

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Karol Nienartowicz

Karol Nienartowicz
Mountain Photographer from Poland

Snow storm, Jaszczurowka Chapel, Zakopane, Poland
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My Wife’s joy on a rocky tongue of Trolltunga. Norway
— – —

Mount Sniezka, Karkonosze Mountains, Poland.
— – —

karolnienartowicz01dThe Wave
The Wave, Pieniny Mountains, Poland.
— – —

karolnienartowicz01eKvalvika Beach
My Ttnt on Kvalvika Beach, during the dance of the northern lights. Norway.
— – —

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Earth Shots

Earth Shots

earthshots01aStar trail at Meili Xue Shan by Yao Bao
— – —

earthshots01bBear Lake Sunrise by Mei Xu
— – —

earthshots01cLady in White by Vlad Sokolovsky
— – —

earthshots01dSummer Indulgence by iPuraVida
— – —

earthshots01eHorse Head Rock by Jingshu Zhu
— – —

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USA Landscape Photographer of the Year

The USA Landscape Photographer of the Year reveals the country’s vast and sublime geography.

usalpoty12aSunrise Illuminates Mount Rainier by Alex Noriega
Overall Winner, Adult
Nikon D600, 35mm, f/11, ISO 100. ‘Mount Rainier in Washington dominates the landscape,’ says Alex. ‘I knew I wanted something with a mid ground, and not a simple mirrored reflection from the shore of a lake. I found that spot here, high above Upper Tipsoo Lake, where the trees seemed to perfectly cradle the distant mountain and display the autumn foliage.’
— – —

usalpoty12bHalema’uma’u Crater by Raiatea Arcuri
Youth Winner, My USA
Sony Alpha 7S, 24mm, 20secs at f/2.8, ISO 500. ‘This was captured along the Kilauea Iki trail in Volcanoes National Park,’ says Raiatea. ‘I hiked down into the crater to capture some timelapse shots. However, my lenses fogged up and, disappointed, I hiked back to the top. When I got there, I was greeted by an amazing spectacle. The smoke plume coming out of the active crater looked twisted like a hurricane.’
— – —

usalpoty12cMammatus Makers by Terry Koyama
Winner, Environmental Value
Sony Alpha 7R II, 16-35mm, 1/4sec at f/4, ISO 100. ‘On this day there was storm activity in Kansas,’ says Terry. ‘Mammatus clouds could be seen for miles. The view from the wind turbines was surreal. As the sun set, the sky had an otherworldly red-orange glow.’
— – —

usalpoty12dWaimea Bay Beast, Oahu, Hawaii by Terry Koyama
Winner, Black & White
Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 200-400mm, 1/640sec at f/5.6, ISO 800. ‘Although Waimea Bay was breaking, it was not an epic day compared to its big wave standards,’ says Terry. ‘But as the swells rolled into the inside there was more than enough energy to bring the shore break alive. The conditions were ideal as these enormous waves crashed on the shore producing huge explosions of white water.’
— – —

usalpoty12eMain Strike by James Menzies
Winner, Classic View
Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 17-40mm, 20secs at f/10, ISO 320. ‘For many years I have been travelling to Arizona for monsoon storm chasing for two weeks in the season,’ says James. ‘Until my birthday this year, I had failed to obtain any real lightning at the Grand Canyon. On this day an approaching storm started dropping a few bolts, so I got into position at Lipan Point on the South Rim just in case it lasted a bit longer. As the storm approached the canyon around sunset, the lightning increased. As it started rolling over the North Rim, it let loose with one of the most prolific lightning displays I have ever seen. I could feel the heat of the lightning as it was only striking one or two miles away.’
— – —

usalpoty12fCoastal lava tubes by Raiatea Arcuri
Overall Youth Winner
Sony Alpha 6000, 12mm, 0.4sec at f/11, ISO 100. This was captured along the Kona coast on the Big Island of Hawaii,’ says Raiatea. ‘What makes the Big Island special is the presence of lava tubes. Some of these tubes at the coast cause amazing water motion as the waves push water in and out. It can be an epic experience capturing it! The water can surge up to your waist and recede into the tube, creating a nice waterfall.’
— – —

usalpoty12gA Mysterious Lone Figure by Az Jackson
Winner, My USA
Canon EOS 5D, 24mm, 1/40sec at f/5.6, ISO 800. In this image taken in Brooklyn, New York, we find the lone figure of a man holding an umbrella while walking from the arches of the Brooklyn Bridge. As you can see, the mist surrounds him and helps to create an image of atmosphere. It’s further assisted by the fact that Az has chosen to convert his image to black & white, emphasising the graphic scene.
— – —

usalpoty12hPolytechnic University of Florida by Souvik Dutta
Urban adult – Winner
— – —

usalpoty12iThe Golden Gate Bridge as seen from Fort Point in San Francisco by Kyle Wolfe
Urban youth – Winner
— – —

USA Landscape Photographer of the Year
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