Creatures Great and Small Photography Competition – Winner Announced

Congratulations to Michelle Howell with this image.
Creatures Great and Small Photography Competition – 1st Place

Michelle says ”Thank you so much for choosing my image! I look forward to using my membership and joining in more of your competitions.” ”The image is a macro image of an Argentinean Ornate Horned Frog taken in a reflection pool.”
The image was shot on a Nikon D5100 with a Tamron SP 90mm F2.8 Di VC USD Macro 1:1 F004N Lens.
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Congratulations to Sheri Emerson with this image.
Creatures Great and Small Photography Competition – 2nd Place
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Congratulations to Stuart Walker with this image.
Creatures Great and Small Photography Competition – 3rd Place
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Creatures Great and Small Photography Competition
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Spirit of Nature Photography Competition – Winners Announced

Congratulations to Larry Doherty with this image.
Spirit of Nature Photography Competition – 1st Place

Larry tells us about the image –
Photo taken in County Tipperary, Ireland. I take macro photos of insects etc all the time. I like to show the insect life that is under our feet. A lot of people don’t even see this part of our wildlife or dismiss it.
These flies were on a sycamore tree trunk. The hardest part was making sure I got the two flies heads in focus. It took about 3 attempts to get the image I wanted.
I used an Olympus Em5 Mark ii camera and the Olympus 60mm macro lens with diffused flash. Flash was the Meike MK320 for micro four thirds.
I use a Lumiquest Softbox attached to the flash and also another DIY diffuser in front of that to get nice soft light.
Because there was nothing directly behind the tree, the flash falloff meant I got a black background which I think works in this image.
Technical details: Handheld. Manual mode, f/11, 1/160 and manual flash adjusted to suit the subjects.
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Congratulations to Anne Woodington with this image.
Spirit of Nature Photography Competition – 2nd Place
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Congratulations to Darren Athersmith with this image.
Spirit of Nature Photography Competition – 3rd Place
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Highly Commended images
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Spirit of Nature Photography Competition
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Photographing Dragonflies And Damselflies

Have a look at this collection of Dragonfly and Damselfly imagery, plus pick up some tips on capturing images of these insects.
Head to ponds, lakes and rivers and chances are, you’ll soon spot Damselflies and Dragonflies which make interesting subjects for a macro image. If you do want to have a go at capturing these flying insects in your shots ideally, you’ll need a macro lens but a longer zoom with a macro function at the longer end will also work fine, especially when coupled with extension tubes. Approach slowly, and start taking pictures from a distance so if they do fly off, at least you’ve got a few images saved to your memory card. It can be easier to capture images of these insects from a higher angle, looking down on the subject but do try shooting side-on, too.

DavidPritchard08a DavidPritchard08b DavidPritchard08c DavidPritchard08dPhotographing Dragonflies And Damselflies
by David Pritchard

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The Colorful World Of Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz

Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz, one of the most familiar, talented photographers on the known photography site, starring with 20k followers and over 1 million times views in his portfolio. Lives and works in the south of Spain, has an aesthetic very charming touch in his work, colorful and gentle. We asked him few questions about his beautiful macro photography.

AlejandroFerrerRuiz08a AlejandroFerrerRuiz08b AlejandroFerrerRuiz08c AlejandroFerrerRuiz08d AlejandroFerrerRuiz08eThe Colorful World Of Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz
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Any garden can provide some superb wildlife photographic opportunities.

Paul Hobson offers his tips and advice on how to turn yours into a haven for birds, insects and mammals.

PaulHobson05aBy leaving old props around the garden many birds get used to them. It may be a bit hackneyed, but it’s still a popular image

PaulHobson05bGrape hyacinths are a good small spring flower for bees.

PaulHobson05cPlanting nectar-rich bushes like buddleia are excellent for attracting butterflies such as the comma.

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All photos by Paul Hobson

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Wildlife in Focus

Wildlife in Focus

Wildlife07aDiganta Gogoi
This is a Long Horned Beetle photographed at my own tea garden at Jorhat, Assam. These beetles are characterized by their very long antennae, sometimes longer than the body. But instead of the antennae, I wanted to capture the eyes of the beetle and went closer. I like this image because this is one of my best Super Macros. …

Wildlife07bAmit Rane
I had six days in hand to photograph the vibrant Monal in the wilderness. My very  first day at Kedarnath Sanctuary got me a glimpse of the bird, but I did not even pick up my camera as I wanted to admire the much sought-after bird. The Monal would suddenly appear and run down the valley the very next instant. Monals are more active during early mornings and late evenings. The initial days went by just tracing their whereabouts and patterns of moving and eating. On the second-last day of my trip, I had an ultimate rendezvous with a Monal. The bird kept pecking the forest grounds and as I went clicking my frames, another dominant male arrived and the tussle between them left the dominant one around. He stayed along the near reaches of the forest valley and hence I could photograph him to my heart’s desire. …

Wildlife07cBalamahesh P.

Wildlife07dDr. Caesar Sengupta

Wildlife07eGautam Som

Wildlife07fKane Lew

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Insects as Objects of Beauty by Yasir Mehamood

Although Yasir is an Interior Designer by profession his real passion is photography in general but nature and wild photography in particular. To him photography is synonymous with oxygen, as he has to make a few clicks of camera everyday to keep his spirit satiated and healthy. For Yasir photography is not just a hobby, rather for him it is a tool of insight into nature. He specializes in insect photography, where with Yasir gift of seeing nature differently, he sees insects as objects of beauty, which are as beautiful as any other element of nature and worthy of being photographed.

YasirMehamood05a YasirMehamood05b YasirMehamood05c YasirMehamood05d YasirMehamood05e YasirMehamood05f YasirMehamood05g— – —

Insects as Objects of Beauty by Yasir Mehamood

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Camerapixo – Issue 28, New Vision Edition 2015