Fitness Gurls Swimsuit

Fitness Gurls and the Palms Casino Resort teamed up four the 5th annual Swimsuit Issue.
20 of the most beautiful women in fitness with the Las Vegas back drop.

Fitness Gurls Magazine is back with our annual Swimsuit Issue featuring over 20 of the most beautiful women in the world. Cover model Anna Katharina. Shot exclusively in beautiful Las Vegas, NV USA.
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Center Stage Magazine | Contemporary Magazine for Fitness and Fashion

Anna Kate Tillison
Photographed by Casey Withers
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Tanya Bilisoly
Photographed by Casey Withers
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Nicole Sanchez
Photographed by Casey Withers
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She’s a Goddess and one of the most beautiful women in the World

She’s a Goddess and one of the most beautiful women in the World. She’s the Fitness Influencer of the Year 2018. And she’s the Queen of Covers for Fitness Gurls Magazine. Hope Beel is your Cover Athlete.

This is your record 4th cover with Fitness Gurls, and we hope it’s not your last. No woman has ever graced our cover more than you. Why has your relationship with Fitness Gurls been so fruitful?
Wow what an honor! I’ve had a relationship with Fitness Gurls for over five years now. I owe a lot to Fitness Gurls when it comes to my fitness career. You guys were the first to notice me and I’m forever grateful.
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She’s a Goddess and one of the most beautiful women in the World
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Adrenaline | The Ultimate Sports + Action Photography Contest

Congratulations to the professional and amateur winners of ADRENALINE. Adrenaline celebrates the photographers capturing the intensity and dedication of athletes and adventurers.

Grand Prize | Professional : Fitness
Marcus Eriksson
Vancouver, BC, Canada
An energetic portrait of MMA fighter Dee Obaro.
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Professional : Sports
Hana Asano
Torrance, CA, United States
Former Professionalbasketball player Stef Corgel goes for a finger-roll layup in Los Angeles. This image was shot as part of a personal series titled “Nosebleed Seats.”
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First Place | Professional : Action/Adventure
Andrew Kornylak
Chapel Hill, NC, United States
Climber Jonathan Brandt fully extends looking for the next hold on a cliff at Little River Canyon National Preserve in Alabama.
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First Place | Amateur : Action/Adventure
Aidan Williams
linden, NSW, Australia
A series depicting athletes highlining in daring conditions—an activity where they perform on suspended webbing while wearing a harness and leash.
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Amateur : Fitness
Riley Joslin
West Henrietta, NY, United States
A portrait capturing simplicity in the beauty of the strong female body.
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Grand Prize | Amateur : Sports
Enrique Lopez-Tapia
Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Known as Pacu Jawi, this sporting event in South Sumatra, Indonesia, is a traditional celebration where riders hold onto the tails of oxen and try to reach the end of a flooded rice field without falling.
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Professional : Action/Adventure
Darcy Brown
Middlesbrough, Cleveland, United Kingdom
After a storm passed through Hout Bay, South Africa, Brown says that the world’s finest big wave surfers tackled the residual waves, which rose up to 40 feet. “Wonderfully mad, inspiring and adrenaline-fueled action all the way,” she says.
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Adrenaline | The Ultimate Sports + Action Photography Contest
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Total Bellas

Total Bellas
WWE’s most recognizable twins have continued elevating the women’s division in sports entertainment with their actions in and out of the ring. Here’s a look at what these sisterpreneurs have in store and how they’re training to keep up.
by Eric Velazquez
Photographs by Per Bernal

totalbellas10a totalbellas10b totalbellas10c totalbellas10d totalbellas10e totalbellas10f totalbellas10g totalbellas10h totalbellas10iFast-forward to April 2016 at WrestleMania 32, which was another evolution in sports entertainment. A new generation of highly capable, hyperathletic women—led by entertaining duo Brie and Nikki Bella—gave WWE the perfect excuse to do away with the categorization of a “Divas” championship and introduce a more appropriate “Women’s” title, lending even more (and certainly welldeserved) credibility to a growing division.

Total Bellas
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