Essential Elements of the Land by Mark Seawell

Essential Elements of the Land
Mark Seawell Photography

Mark Seawell is a self-taught international fine photographer specializing in landscape photography with a passion for black and white. He was born in Raleigh, North Carolina in the United States. When he was nineteen he joined the U.S Air Forcetravelling to California for his first assignment. He eventually was posted to Europe where he met his wife and started his family.

His passion for photography started after he retired from the military and still living in Germany. Influenced by the beautiful German landscapes while walking with his wife, he purchased a Panasonic FZ28from his daughter and his photography journey started.

He embraced the promise of Micro Four Thirdsand started to drive around the rural areas close to his house, embracing the moody, misty mornings offered by this land and the history of architectural structures such as castles on the Rheine River. Mark became known for his black and white creations, stripped of all but the essential elements of the land.

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Mark Seawell Photography

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