Iceland by Zack Seckler

Iceland, a photographic exhibition by Zack Seckler
In his new exhibition, featuring a selection of breathtaking aerial photographs of Icelandic landscapes shot from an ultralight aircraft, Seckler captures a beautifully abstracted natural perspective that is as staggeringly momentous as it is delicate. Picturing various natural and animal forms, from birds to seals, we get a true sense of his astonishing journey. With strong figures and forms, we also begin to feel the sheer power of Iceland’s frigid tundra, though, because of Seckler’s careful composition, we also understand the subtlety and magic of his experience.

ZackSeckler04a ZackSeckler04b ZackSeckler04c ZackSeckler04d ZackSeckler04eIceland by Zack Seckler

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