Le Nikon Z7 et son 24-70 selon Chasseur d’Images

Plus qu’un appareil photo sans miroir. Un appareil photo Nikon sans miroir.
Nous avons toujours eu la vision de créer des appareils photo et des objectifs qui capturent plus de lumière. Plus de lumière signifie plus de détails. Plus de vitesse. Plus de possibilités. Le Z 7 concrétise cette vision (et plus encore). Combinant les avantages d’une conception sans miroir légère, une toute nouvelle monture plein cadre révolutionnaire et des objectifs assortis, un capteur d’image de 45,7 mégapixels conçu par Nikon et une intégration facile avec le système DSLR de Nikon, incluant les objectifs NIKKOR que vous aimez, le Z 7 est un appareil photo comme aucun autre auparavant. Et pourtant, il s’agit bel et bien d’un Nikon. C’est un appareil photo sans miroir réinventé.

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Le Nikon Z7 et son 24-70 selon Chasseur d’Images
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My hands-on experience with the new Nikon Z7 by Fabio Marciano

First of all, I would like to introduce myself: I am an Italian wedding photographer based in Padua who has used Nikon cameras for the past 8 years; and like many others, I was thrilled when Nikon announced their new mirrorless camera system. I could not wait to get one of the new models into my hands. When I was offered the chance to test the Nikon Z7 with the new 24-70mm f4 Z, I did not hesitate. I immediately organized a small photo shoot at a nearby lake and later also tested it during an actual wedding for a whole day.
Here I want to share my experience and the insights I gained: Where I see the strengths and the weaknesses of the camera, and for which kind of photography I believe it works best.

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My hands-on experience with the new Nikon Z7 by Fabio Marciano
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Perfect for a fashionista – The Louis Vuitton edition Nikon Z7 camera

Collaborations have always been in vogue. Be it cars, real estate, mobile phones, and even digital cameras, fashion brands are always keen to lend their name and styling expertise to companies. Hermes has been collaborating with Leica for a while now, so why not others?

How about Louis Vuitton partnering with Nikon? While there is no official word yet a photo has propped up on the Nikon Rumours website that shows the Z7 dressed up in Louis Vuitton. The top of the camera looks to be in covered in real gold and the rest of it covered it in the LV insignia. Could this be Nikon taking the high road to luxury or it is just the imagination of a photoshopper? We will know soon. Whatever it may be, it does look good.

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Perfect for a fashionista – The Louis Vuitton edition Nikon Z7 camera
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