Julianne Hough Poses Nude For Women’s Health’s Annual Naked Strength Issue

The 31-year-old has been on an epic journey of self-discovery, stripping down and learning new truths about herself from her first love: dance. Now she wants to change your life too. Welcome to the Julianne show.

“Dance is my superpower, and it has been my whole life, but I didn’t even know it,” she says. But others did. Before Julianne started choreographing what she calls her “high-sensory activated dance method,” she remembers people telling her they wanted to dance like her.

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Julianne Hough Says She Walked Around Naked For A Week After Her Women’s Health Photo Shoot
Photography by Brian Bowen Smith

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Free Spirit

Getting naked means more to Jenna Dewan than posing nude. In our exclusive interview, the dancer, mother and wellness warrior bares all about her public split, protective parenting and positive outlook on life as she now knows it.

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Jenna Dewan
Dancing for Janet Jackson, raising her daughter, splitting with Channing, oh, and her killer body – Jenna bares it all.

Photography: Dennis Leupold

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