Sandi Bertoncelj | Adventure and Landscape Photographer

“I’m a mountain landscape and adventure photographer based in Slovenia. As long as I can remember I have had a passion for photography. I have been very fortunate to live in a beautiful country and been surrounded with some amazing places, which provides me with excellent opportunities to practice my interest in photography. Photographing means I have a good excuse to do the one thing that matters to me most – being in the wilderness. My passion for the wild is much about freedom. I love exploration, and the opportunity to pursue the adventure and challenges inherent to the wild gives me a sense of fulfilment I cannot easily obtain in a more structured and civilised world. It is an escape, of sorts, but enlightenment as well.”

Sandi Bertoncelj | Adventure and Landscape Photographer
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Into the Wild

Timeless images by landscape photographer Peter Dombrovskis are the subject of a new exhibition that showcases the beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness and the skill of the man who captured it.

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Into the Wild
Peter Dombrovskis’ stunning images of Tasmania are the subject of a striking new exhibition at the National Library of Australia in Canberra. Mick Fletoridis looks at the career and legacy of the iconic landscape photographer.

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Tippi | A child’s life in Africa

tippi02 tippi tippi03 tippi01tippibook1998Tippi of Africa

The story of Alain Degre and Sylvie Robert, a couple who chose to relinquish their lives in France for the freedom of nature in Southern Africa. This is also the story of their daughter Tippi. Share their unique encounters with meerkats and the hidden mysteries of the cruel Kalahari; travel with them to the wilds of Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Read about the beginnings of their daughter Tippi’s life in the bush, dunes and swamps, and her endearing kinship with wild animals – particularly Abu, a five-ton elephant, whom she calls ‘my brother’. The language of the wild is no secret for Tippi of Africa.

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tippibook2012Tippi: My Book of Africa

Tippi is no ordinary child. She believes that she has the gift of talking to animals and that they are like brothers to her. ‘I speak to them with my mind, or through my eyes, my heart or my soul, and I see that they understand and answer me.’ Tippi is the daughter of French filmmakers and wildlife photographers, Alain Degre and Sylvie Robert, who have captured her on film with some of Africa’s most beautiful and dangerous animals. Tippi shares her thoughts and wisdom on Africa, its people and the animals she has come to know and love. Often her wisdom is beyond her years, and her innocence and obvious rapport with the animals is both fascinating and charming.

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