’Take A Moment’

As the title suggests, what this issue encourages is a moment’s pause, whenever possible, before launching into whatever’s next in our hectic schedule.

Until recently, our analog lives had ‘downtime’ built-in to every dynamic, so with no means to broadcast our immediate reaction to the world, we’d have space to consider and reflect. Today’s instant digital connection gives voice to our every reaction and whim if we want. The result is alot of contagious noise out there, and not all of it good.

So in its humble way, this issue seeks to re-create a bit of that analog space. In our random cherrypick of literature, references to music and the arts – Take A Moment is waving a flag about the good stuff that gives us a rich inner life. The more we’re fortified with the good stuff, the greater our reserves of assurance, awareness and perspective to be patient and compassionate towards those with whom we disagree, without going round the twist ourselves.

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Take a Moment
Inspiration and advice for modern times

White Horses is a fiercely independent, reader supported, beautifully crafted, quarterly publication for the ocean lover, adventure seeker and creative thinker.

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The Sea has Stories

Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of red and cosy up with the Winter issue of White Horses. Issue 29 opens with a stunning image by Paul Smith of Nic Brewer at Noosa, and flows into the rich collection of stories and photos that has made White Horses so treasured.

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The Sea has Stories
White Horses | Issue Twenty Nine

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Ultimate Wild White Horses

Innovating and evolving your photography
Serge Krouglikoff of Create Away shows how you can be inspired by others to create something completely new.

Photographer: Serge Krouglikoff
via Create Away
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Resonance | Images with Meaning | A Special White Horses Issue

Warmly wrapped between the covers of this special issue, titled RESONANCE, are some amazing untold stories from surfers, artists and musicians about the photos that influenced their lives.

The idea of a photo triggering a strong emotional response lies at the heart of this special issue. The premise was simple enough: we asked an eclectic mix of surfers to nominate an image that resonated with them, an image that carried special meaning. The aim is not only to gain insight into the image, but to get to know the storytellers a little better too.

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The Sea Has Stories. Photographers, Artists, Writers, Storytellers and Staff. Issue Twenty-Seven
more at White Horses