Art Wedding Photography

Best photos from the “Art Wedding Photography” contest at 35awards

Ольга Парфентьева
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Pastushak Ruslan
Ukraine, Черновцы
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Гончаров Захар
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Žygė Laura
Red wall
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Юлия Павалюк
Любовь по облакам ♥
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Best photos from the “Art Wedding Photography” contest

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Lyndsey Goddard’s top 8 wedding photography tips

Lyndsey Goddard describes herself as a documentary wedding photographer – that might not sound very different to simply being a wedding photographer, but her approach is fresh and candid.

Find your identity; Read the situation, and always accept tea; Hide in plain sight; Be spontaneous; Wait for the small moments; Plan key shots in advance; Work with the available light; Use a second body for speed
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Lyndsey Goddard’s top 8 wedding photography tips
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How EOS R changed a wedding photographer’s work

Russian wedding photographer and Canon Ambassador Katya Mukhina has shot in over 35 countries on five continents, from the lush landscapes of Tuscany and Tahiti to the wide-open spaces of Bolivian salt flats and Brazilian sand dunes.

“I love to create stories and to show all the kinds of feelings the couple is experiencing that moment,” Katya says. “I also love that excitement of seeing the couple discover new places.”

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How EOS R changed a wedding photographer’s work
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Step-By-Step Wedding Photography: Techniques for Professional Photographers by Damon Tucci

A no-nonsense guide that shows how to make quick, efficient work of getting beautiful, high-quality, cutting-edge, and traditional shots from the pre-ceremony through the reception, this manual offers techniques for capturing the key players and moments of the big day. Unlike other photography books that present a more theoretical or technical approach to photographing a wedding, this resource focuses on the specific steps photographers should take, streamlining their process for effective management at the wedding. A recommended time line shows when to photograph the various portrait the clients expect after the ceremony—the bride and groom, best man and groom, maid of honor and bride, couple and their parents, attendants, extended family, and others. Simple technical tips for supplementing existing light and setting up and orchestrating the many shots accurately and effortlessly are also included.

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Step-By-Step Wedding Photography: Techniques for Professional Photographers by Damon Tucci
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Olympus Visionary | Tracie Maglosky

Tracie Maglosky is an award-winning wedding and portrait photographer living in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. Her studio is located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati’s Brewery and Arts District in OTR. As a distinguished member of the Visionary Program for Olympus, she travels frequently to present her photography, lighting and posing techniques for weddings, maternity and newborn photography and proven business strategies.

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Olympus Visionary
Tracie Maglosky

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Fine Art Weddings

Scott Johnson FBIPP FSWPP Master Photographer is an Internationally recognised, award-winning photographer based in Essex, U.K, and has photographed wedding all across Europe and the United States. Known for being fun and energetic, Scott also travels the world as an educator and mentor.

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Fine Art Weddings
by Scott Johnson

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Teach Yourself Wedding & Event Photography

Taking the leap into the world of wedding and event photography is often the first step that enthusiast photographers take on their journey to becoming a professional. It can be daunting, fast-paced and high-pressured, but it is also a highly rewarding and incredibly satisfying pursuit. Once you know your camera inside out and have mastered the key photographic techniques that will enable you to take top-quality imagery, it’s time to take that jump.

Teach Yourself Wedding and Event Photography will guide you through the basics before taking it further and providing you with the knowledge to set up as a professional. Discover the key shots to capture on a couple’s special day, learn how to get clients and overcome tough conditions. Master live music photography and how to document events and functions professionally. We also explore a range of the best gear available to enable you to make an informed decision about your next kit purchase, and share essential career advice that will support you along the way. If you’re thinking of embarking on wedding and event photography you’ve got a challenge ahead of you, but the rewards are huge – so why not get started today?

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Teach Yourself Wedding & Event Photography – 1st Edition 2018
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