This man photographed Mount Fuji for seven years—here’s the result

Despite taking hundreds of trips to Japan’s iconic mountain, this photographer has never climbed it.
Takashi Nakazawa is from Tokyo, Japan, and fell in love with Mount Fuji when he first visited it seven years ago. Since then, he’s traveled to the mountain almost every single weekend, amassing an estimated 70,000 photos. He often makes the drive from Tokyo in the dark of the night, and stops at a nearby mountain, lake, or road, and sleeps in his car until dawn, his favorite time to photograph the mountain.

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Mount Fuji by Takashi Nakazawa
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Nikolay Ushakov | Николай Ушаков (Graff)

Небесное пламя


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Долгожданный момент или Ключевская проснулась


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Вулкан Карымский


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В час могущества (возмездия)


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Величие природы


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В гармонии с природой