There Is No Value In Beauty

Do you want this image? You can have it — free. I don’t care. Hi-res, all rights, whatever you want. Why? Because it’s just beautiful.

Beauty began losing value years ago, as soon as the effort required to achieve it starting dropping. And it dropped fast — sampled music let us have quality drum tracks, piano and guitar chords without needing the actual instruments. Target started carrying Michael Graves-designed household items. Everyone got a pretty nice camera. YouTube taught us all the tricks. Google offered up images that people used in their blog posts and articles with a simple search. Filters and editing apps have given us all an understanding of post work (a photographer recently showed me an exchange with a model where she showed him how she liked her face to be retouched). And now, images and video that once took tens of thousands of dollars to achieve are being grabbed on the cheap with camera technology that puts high-end production in the hands of the masses: gimbals, image stabilization, sliders, editing effects… anyone can do anything. It’s not hard, you just have to want to go get it. …
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There Is No Value In Beauty
by Josh S. Rose
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