London Underground Stations by Luke Agbaimoni

London photographer Luke Agbaimoni is attempting to capture beautiful and arty shots at every London Underground, Overground and DLR Station for his photography project
He currently has about 180 stations on the Tube Mapper website, with hundreds of images of stations, platforms, tunnels, nearby sights and landmarks.
Here’s a selection of shots for the project, please visit the site to see more or follow him…

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Photographer Captures Beautiful Photos At Every London Underground Station
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Featured Photographer: Conor MacNeill

« We speak to travel and destination photographer, Conor MacNeill, who’s passion for travel has lead him to over 60 countries so far.
He not only visits the main destinations and puts his unique photographic twist on things, but also manages to capture the essence of a country by visiting the paths less-travelled… »

conormacneill02aFushimi Inari
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conormacneill02bUnder The Green of The Night, The Horses Did Roam
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conormacneill02dQuiver Tree Forest
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conormacneill02eSecret Hell
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Featured Photographer: Conor MacNeill
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Les portraits arty de Jeannette Montgomery Barron

Keith Harring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger… la photographe américaine les a tous photographiés. Reconnue pour ses portraits en noir et blanc du monde artistique underground new-yorkais des années 80 publiés dans Vogue, Interview ou Vanity Fair, Jeannette Montgomery Barron les rassemble aujourd’hui dans un recueil intime intitulé Scene.

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