Digital Photography – The Complete Guide 2017

Overview: Photography has been with us since the 1800s. It actually means ‘drawing with light’ and to become a better photographer, you need to know how to work with light to get those shots. A modern camera can do most of the thinking for you and take a snap, but to turn a snap into a masterpiece, you need to take control of both the camera and the light and understand how they work together.

Love photography?
If you’re passionate about your craft, or someone who wants to take it to the next level, our guide has something for everyone. We have many tips and guides about equipment, techniques, and becoming more creative. Delve deeper into the world of photography and you’ll discover there’s more to it than you thought possible. You can finesse your core skills and then go have some fun on a creative project.
Let’s get technical
This guide is designed to provide fresh insights behind the main technical aspects of photography that ultimately will let you flourish and become more confident and creative. All the main areas are covered including exposure, metering, composition and flash lighting. We also delve into some of the more advanced ideas behind hyperfocal distance and the inversesquare law.
New creative ideas
When you’re ready, we have a collection of projects that we hope will fire up your creativity and get you excited about trying new things and exploring new photographic techniques. From promo photography for a rock band, creating your own custom bokeh images, to tips on how to make the most of the photographic potential of the winter months, it’s all here. Take a fresh look at your photography and get inspired.
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Digital Photography – The Complete Guide 2017
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Creative Photography 2017

Overview: If you are new to digital photography or if you already have a camera, and want to get more out of this amazing art, our indispensable guide, written by professional photographers, is here to pass on the knowledge you need to get more creative. You will learn how to improve all aspects of your photography skills, giving you the confidence to shoot like a pro and produce images to be proud of.

Do Much More With Your Camera
Take your photography to the next level with our fully illustrated user guides. Understand exposure, focal length, depth of field and equipment options. Take control of your camera’s shooting modes and explore important photographic concepts such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO, as well as guides to composition. Photography does not need to be difficult, it needs to be something you can enjoy to the full.
Learn and Get More Creative
Learn the techniques the professionals use to shoot a wide variety of photographic subjects. Our tutorials cover such diverse subjects as high speed photography, bokehrama portraits and panoramas, as well as some very useful hints and tips that can keep you shooting even when you think you can’t. Photography should be fun and we hope to inspire you and get you passionate about such a creative medium.
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Creative Photography 2017
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Landscape Photography Guidebook 2017

Overview: As a genre, landscape photography is probably one of the most popular. From coastal scenes to cityscapes and the rural expanses beyond, there are an unending array of subjects both great and small waiting to be captured. The aim of this bookazine is to offer guidance so you capture better images, make the most of your equipment, and in the process, help you enjoy this amazing subject even more.

Within these pages are a great selection of guides, tips and tutorials to expand your knowledge of landscape photography including:
Types of landscape photography, Top 30 landscape tips, Cameras for landscapes, Filters and filter systems, Understanding your camera, ISO, aperture and shutter speed, Understand hyperfocal distance, Rural and natural landscapes, Coastal and seaside landscapes, Whatever the weather, Super wide panoramas, Crystal ball landscapes, Sunrise and sunset, Raw processing, High dynamic range images, Adjusting exposure, Sky replacement, Contrast and saturation, Focus stacking, Digital exposure blending…
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Landscape Photography Guidebook 2017
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Learn, Create & Be Inspired

InFocus Newsletter

InFocus07aWhat to expect from InFocus Newsletter
Right off the bat, we’ll send you 3 Free eBooks: Following the Light, Exploring Iceland and What Happens at a Workshop Stays at a Workshop.
You’ll regularly receive focused photography tips and tutorials to help you capture your own stunning landscape photos. Our easy-to-read, bite-sized format makes for quick, easy learning.

InFocus07bYou’ll hear inspirational, real-life stories from some of the world’s best landscape photographers and learn how they create their images, step-by-step.
We’ll provide relevant, easy-to-understand articles on post-processing that will help you bring out the very best in your images.

InFocus07cYou’ll have access to discount codes for eBooks, videos and other educational materials.

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Free Photography Guides

Free Photography Guides
Here you’ll find our collection of free photography guides, covering hot photography topics and need-to-know information!

freebook07aRocky Nook’s Guide to Food Photography for Instagrammers

freebook07bRocky Nook’s Guide to Implementing Circumstantial Light

freebook07cRocky Nook’s Guide to Making the Move to Capture One Pro

freebook07dRocky Nook’s Guide to Flash Terminology

freebook07eRocky Nook’s Guide to Photographing Cuba

freebook07fRocky Nook’s Guide to HDR & Panoramas in Lightroom 6

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Zoom sur les objectifs

Zoom sur les objectifs
Pour vous aider à comprendre quel objectif utiliser, ces conseils photo vous présentent les différences entre les objectifs, décrivent la technologie et donnent des exemples d’objectifs possibles pour des sujets courants.
• Distance focale
• Perspective
• Ouverture du diaphragme
• Profondeur de champ
• Comprendre la topologie des noms d’objectifs
• Montures d’objectif (EF, EF-S, EF-M)
• Moteurs d’objectifs (USM, STM)
• Stabilisateur d’images
• Objectifs de la série L
• Choisir l’objectif approprié
• Sports/faune
• Portrait
• Les paysages
• Macro

Zoom sur les objectifs

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La féérie de l’hiver

La féérie de l’hiver
Dès que la neige et la glace recouvrent les paysages, emportez votre appareil photo avec vous et prenez d’incroyables photos de votre famille et de l’environnement sous son blanc manteau.

Hiver02a Hiver02b Hiver02c Hiver02dDes paysages époustouflants sous différents angles
S’il a neigé ou si la glace brille de mille feux, intéressez-vous aux formes colorées (arbres, bâtiments, animaux, personnes habillées de vêtements aux couleurs vives, etc.) pouvant constituer le point de focalisation de vos photos. Le contraste avec le blanc conférera à vos photos un aspect spectaculaire.
L’hiver offre son lot de nouvelles formes et textures : givre sur un capot ou une toile d’araignée, neige sur des feuilles mortes… Vous pouvez vous baisser et orienter l’appareil vers les arbres pour obtenir un angle inhabituel et intéressant …

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