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InFocus07bYou’ll hear inspirational, real-life stories from some of the world’s best landscape photographers and learn how they create their images, step-by-step.
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Free Photography Guides

Free Photography Guides
Here you’ll find our collection of free photography guides, covering hot photography topics and need-to-know information!

freebook07aRocky Nook’s Guide to Food Photography for Instagrammers

freebook07bRocky Nook’s Guide to Implementing Circumstantial Light

freebook07cRocky Nook’s Guide to Making the Move to Capture One Pro

freebook07dRocky Nook’s Guide to Flash Terminology

freebook07eRocky Nook’s Guide to Photographing Cuba

freebook07fRocky Nook’s Guide to HDR & Panoramas in Lightroom 6

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Zoom sur les objectifs

Zoom sur les objectifs
Pour vous aider à comprendre quel objectif utiliser, ces conseils photo vous présentent les différences entre les objectifs, décrivent la technologie et donnent des exemples d’objectifs possibles pour des sujets courants.
• Distance focale
• Perspective
• Ouverture du diaphragme
• Profondeur de champ
• Comprendre la topologie des noms d’objectifs
• Montures d’objectif (EF, EF-S, EF-M)
• Moteurs d’objectifs (USM, STM)
• Stabilisateur d’images
• Objectifs de la série L
• Choisir l’objectif approprié
• Sports/faune
• Portrait
• Les paysages
• Macro

Zoom sur les objectifs

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La féérie de l’hiver

La féérie de l’hiver
Dès que la neige et la glace recouvrent les paysages, emportez votre appareil photo avec vous et prenez d’incroyables photos de votre famille et de l’environnement sous son blanc manteau.

Hiver02a Hiver02b Hiver02c Hiver02dDes paysages époustouflants sous différents angles
S’il a neigé ou si la glace brille de mille feux, intéressez-vous aux formes colorées (arbres, bâtiments, animaux, personnes habillées de vêtements aux couleurs vives, etc.) pouvant constituer le point de focalisation de vos photos. Le contraste avec le blanc conférera à vos photos un aspect spectaculaire.
L’hiver offre son lot de nouvelles formes et textures : givre sur un capot ou une toile d’araignée, neige sur des feuilles mortes… Vous pouvez vous baisser et orienter l’appareil vers les arbres pour obtenir un angle inhabituel et intéressant …

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Must-Read Tutorials For Those New To Photography

Must-Read Tutorials For Those New To Photography
Digital Camera Settings
– The Absolute Beginner Guide To Camera Preset Shooting Modes
– What Are Drive Modes?
– Beginner’s Guide To Geotagging
– Beginner’s Guide To White Balance Mode
– Introduction To Metering Modes
– Quick Beginner Tips About Focus Lock
– Digital Zoom: A Beginner’s Guide
Understanding Exposure
– Creative Aperture / Depth Of Field
– Beginner’s Tips: How To Make A Manual Exposure
– Beginner’s Introduction To Depth Of Field
– Beginner’s Tips: Shutters and Apertures Anyone?
– Beginner’s Tips: How To Use ISO
– Beginner’s Guide To DSLR Photography: Creative Apertures

Tutos01aTaking The Shot
– Essential Beginner Photography Tips: Think About Your Focus
– Creative Children Portraits On A Budget
– Panoramas For Beginners
– Beginner’s Tips – How To Capture Motion In Your Images
– How To Make Sure Your Subject Is The Main Point Of Interest
– 5 Tips For Someone New To Portrait Photography
– Beginner’s Guide To Sunrise Photography
– Ten Top Tips To Teach Photography Newbies
– Beginner Wildlife Photography Tips
– Beginner Street Photography Tips
– Beginner’s Guide On Photographing Children
– Beginner’s Guide To Photo Composition
– Understanding Lenses And Focal Lengths
Seasonal Tutorials
– Snow Photography Tips For Beginners
– Beginner’s Tips For Christmas Photography
– Tips On Using Your Compact Camera At Christmas

Tutos01bBasic Lighting Tips
– Beginner’s Guide to Light Part One
– Beginner’s Guide To Light – Part Two
– Beginner’s Introduction To Built-In Flash

Must-Read Tutorials For Those New To Photography
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The Making of Mastering Lighting

Artist Nick Saglimbeni teams up with Visual Effects Supervisor Raffael Dickreuter to create a mind-bending journey that teaches lighting without suffering the usual tutorial boredom. The Making of Mastering Lighting: Volume One takes an in-depth look into the creation of this ground-breaking tutorial that sets a new bar for photography education.

MasteringLighting09aNick Saglimbeni delivers quite possibly the most epic lighting tutorial video ever made.

You will learn the following and more:
How the pros direct large-scale photoshoots
Lighting a massive space like a big warehouse
Using mirrors to redirect the sun
Balancing multiple light sources
Making hair & skin glow
Working with smoke & fog
Motivating your light sources (making your artificial light seem natural)
Finding gorgeous composition in relation to your available light

MasteringLighting09bWant lighting that will DESTROY the competition?

Learn from one of the top photographers in the industry with Mastering Lighting.

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Master your Nikon D-SLR camera 2015

Master your Nikon D-SLR camera 2015
If you’ve recently bought a new Nikon digital SLR, you’re probably itching to get out and about to see what your new camera is capable of. But with so many seemingly complex controls and dials, where do you begin? Newcomers to SLR photography need look no further than right here, because this book contains all a beginner photographer needs to learn how to use an SLR.Over 220 pages you’ll discover all the vital camera techniques you need to master, from holding your D-SLR correctly to using the viewfinder and Live View, from shooting in fully automatic mode, progressing all the way to manual shooting, in which you take full control of all the camera settings. Once you’ve learnt the basics, the final chapter of the book will reveal how to put your new skills into practice, as we follow six professional photographers in one-to-one workshops with photography enthusiasts just like yourself!

NikonDSLReBookMaster your Nikon D-SLR camera 2015

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