The most challenging, yet thrilling genre in photography! Every photograph captures reality in its most raw form. The images may be heart – wrenching but this is the only genre in photography that has capacity to transform the society in its true sense.

Social Documentary & Photojournalism
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Long repetitive geometric patterns accompanied with precise symmetry in different spaces – indoors or outdoors makes interior & architectural photography different from all the other genres.
Interior & Architectural Photography
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In the current scenario, table-top and product photography require an innovative conceptual approach for various advertisements catering to a wide range of audiences & customers.
Table Top & Product photography
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Every individual has a story to communicate. It is not only the facial expressions that talk, but also the gestures in different parts of one’s body that communicate. This is exactly what one tries to capture in people & portraits.
People and Portrait photography
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Glamour, fashion, style with a unique play of lights. Everything is posed & a set – up here, be it the models, the studio or the shots. It is an avant – garde style of photography with everything under the control of the photographer.
Fashion photography
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Symbiosis School of Photography nurtures the seed of passion in photography into a fully-grown professional career. It takes one through the varied genres in photography thereby sensitising an individual’s visual skills towards the infrastructural and socio-cultural environment. SSP is unique, not only in the three-year undergraduate course (BA) in Visual Arts and Photography that it offers, but also in its approach towards imparting photographic education to its students.
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