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urbaneye11aSelected Cover Photo by Philip Cleminson
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urbaneye11bGautam Sen
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urbaneye11cJoao Caniggia
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urbaneye11dGregorio Tommaseo
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urbaneye11eYurko Dyachyshyn
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Urban EYE Magazine
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Urban Eye Magazine

Urban Eye Magazine
The Urban Street Photography Group Magazine
July 2016

UrbanEye07aGiuseppe Pitino ©

UrbanEye07bSelected Cover Photo by Mariana Maoduš ©

UrbanEye07cSkander Khlif ©

UrbanEye07dHana Solenthaler ©

UrbanEye07eMoisés Rodríguez ©

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July 2016

10 Tips for Compelling Street Photography

10 Tips for Compelling Street Photography
by Mike Boening, Olympus Trailblazer

MikeBoening02aStreet photography is one of the most exciting forms of photography because all you need to do is go for a “walk.” Actually, it may not be a simple as that but documenting everyday life can get easier as you explore and practice this exciting genre of photography. Capturing that decisive moment when an image becomes more than just a snapshot can happen by following a few tips.

MikeBoening02b1- Check your settings
Street photography is not always technical in nature.
At its roots it’s about emotion and the mood of an image. But, no matter what, you still have to know your camera settings. Understanding your camera is a big key into forgetting about it, so you can focus on the composition of the image. I try to shoot most of my street photography in “P” Mode setting my ISO on Auto with its high end being 6400. When I do this I am letting the camera think for me, while I think about the scene in the viewfinder. Now, I modify this on occasions like night shooting or if I am intentionally trying to create blur in my images, but I select the “P” Mode because it lets me focus on the emotion, which is the most important part of my creative process.

MikeBoening02c10 Tips for Compelling Street Photography
by Mike Boening, Olympus Trailblazer

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lensculture Street Photography Awards 2015

lensculture Street Photography Awards 2015
Announcing the Winners & Finalists!

MartinRoemers01a MartinRoemers01b MartinRoemers01c MartinRoemers01d MartinRoemers01e1st Place Séries
Martin Roemers, Netherlands

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LensCulture is proud to present these 31 photographers who show us, each in their own way, why street photography today remains as fresh and vibrant as ever! With excellent submissions coming from 115 countries, our jury of international photography experts had difficult decisions to make — but their final selections represent a delightful cross-section of today’s best street photographers, hailing from all over the world.

Photography and the street have gone together since the invention of the camera. Though we might expect that it has all been done before, this award-winning work attests to street photography’s continuing relevance in 2015. With its unending capacity for surprise, we depend on street photography to show us our surroundings with fresh eyes and we are pleased to see the genre is alive and thriving. From urban geometry to biting social commentary, these street photographs take us on a tour of many of the cultures alive across the globe. We hope you enjoy!

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The Possibilities of Street Photography

Photographers have played with and explored street photography since the beginning of photography itself — capturing anonymous moments of beauty, grace, absurdity, sorrow, delight, outrage, and more.

Cities and towns and even small rural villages can feel like movie sets, with something always happening, always changing and with new characters walking onto the stage and interacting with each other at any moment. From simple, everyday occurrences to news events that ripple out and touch people continents apart — great street photography often brings it all together in a memorable way…

StreetPhotos12aArth Figueroa Jumagdao
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StreetPhotos12bBenedict Bacon
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StreetPhotos12cAlphan Yilmazmaden
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StreetPhotos12dMark Hewlett
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StreetPhotos12eCostantino Monteleone
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StreetPhotos12fCarter Ray
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StreetPhotos12gPaulo Henrique Pampolin
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StreetPhotos12hJosé Luis Vilar Jordán
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StreetPhotos12iRick Perez
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from: 21st Century Street Photography: 250 New Examples
Selection and text by Jim Casper
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StreetPhotos12jChristian Barroso
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“All the world’s a stage”
—William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Street Photography Guide – Part 3

Street Photography Guide – Part 3
What to shoot in the streets
7 things to look for…

SP3guide11a… I firmly believe hat there’s only 3 complementary ways to develop your photography:
To go out and shoot
To learn it
To be inspired by others

Nothing beats shooting for yourself or having someone by your side. Inspiration is the second best thing and I will dare say that Inspiration is crucial for photography. Ansel Adams got inspired by a book given to him while sick, Henri Cartier Bresson picked up a magazine and found one image that inspired him to take on photography seriously. You can go ahead a find the photographers to be inspired from or they can come to you…

SP3guide11bStreet Photography Guide
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Street Photography Guide – Part 2

Street Photography Guide – Part 2
Getting Rid Of Fear Once And For All

StreetPhotoGuide11aFear is most likely the number 1 factor that keeps people for doing street photography. So if you are afraid of even getting you feet wet, you are not alone and I was in the same spot as you. Heck, I was so afraid, so shy of people I couldn’t even look at my own brother in the eyes!

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