Exquisitely Composed Photos That Each Tell A Unique Story

Have you spent much time thinking about the nature of composition in a photograph? Consider this… when you begin the process of creating a photograph something has caught your attention. That “something” seems worthy of capture and to pass onto others (your viewers). The problem is the “others” aren’t there with you when take the photograph. They didn’t see and feel the scene as you did. Composition is the tool that helps you convey that silent message to a viewer who is perhaps thousands and thousands of miles away.

“are you Talking to Me ? ” by ilias Orfanos
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“Jinx Cosplay” by Amanda Café
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“Half light in the forest” by Luís Rodrigues
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“Dark Clouds” by Christian Giger Photography
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“Fishermen hanging their fishing tools ” by Nguyen Quoc Thang
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Exquisitely Composed Photos That Each Tell A Unique Story
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Not Just an Ordinary Love Story

“Our main purpose in life is love – self love, to go through life with love and appreciation for others – to act with love, to create with love and to spend our time with the love that makes us feel home and feel like we can be ourselves and reach our full potential. Love is all around us – living by love creates magic.

And when we connect with our soulmate- when you know you met another soul from the same star- everything falls into place. The universe opens up endless possibilities when we act out of love. To follow our intuition. To leave the ego behind and to see reality as it is.”

Enjoy this gorgeous story shot in Cape Town, South Africa, by photographer Michelle van Dijk capturing lovers Charlbi and Luke. Make-up was done by Sarah Gehrmann.

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Not Just an Ordinary Love Story
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The story behind Lorenz Holder’s architectural action photograph

Action sports photographer Lorenz Holder dreamed of shooting skateboarding in a fine art style at a spectacular viaduct that he’d seen pictured online. He reveals the technical and creative steps he took to achieve his ambition, and how the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV proved key.

“I’m not a typical action sport photographer – I’d say I’m a fine art action sport photographer,” says Lorenz Holder. “Somebody once asked me what the perfect action sport photo is. For me, it’s an image that people would put on their wall even if the athlete was not in it. If you create a great surrounding and manage to get an athlete in there as well, then in my opinion this is the perfect action shot.”
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The story behind Lorenz Holder’s architectural action photograph
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The Story Behind Christian Ziegler’s Portrait of a Rare Bonobo

On assignment for National Geographic, wildlife and conservation photographer Christian Ziegler was tasked with an unusually specific and difficult commission: to photograph bonobos in the wild. It hadn’t been done for more than 20 years but he succeeded, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

“I spent more than four months in the field to take portraits of this amazing species. It was really tricky – bonobos are an endangered species, they are rare and super shy. I was deep in the jungle for many weeks and at first I didn’t even see any bonobos, but with the help of primatologists I was able to locate and follow a group until they accepted me.”

“I needed to follow the group for hours on end – often 14 hours every day, covering more than 20km.”

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The Story Behind Christian Ziegler’s Portrait of a Rare Bonobo
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The Silence of Story

My Thoughts
You like taking photos, and wishing the time still.
But what I want is to capture the moment, and to remember the long-lasting feel.
I keep all photos well,
Reviving every moment, from time to time.
And I, was led to different stories, deeper and deeper, every time.
These photos might be rough, and incomplete, and faulty in your eyes.
But what I see, is something touching, something spiritual, something meaningful.
From the time YASHICA first captured the world in 1949, I knew,
Though it has no outstanding synopsis, the story will last long.
And you may have noticed, there is never a narrator, nor is it necessary…
The Silence of Story
It tells.

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The Silence of Story
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