‘It was not hard to be upset in the last scene’

Daisy Ridley on The Rise Of Skywalker: ‘It was not hard to be upset in the last scene’
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away a bright-eyed, anonymous young woman is called to a universe she’d imagined but could never prepare for: expectation, responsibility, unseen forces wrenching her this way and that. This month, The Rise Of Skywalker closes the story of her character, Rey, and it’s taken as long for Daisy Ridley to become who Star Wars fans wanted and still remain herself. In this wide-ranging interview, she shares the films’ physical and mental toll, reveals how they inspired her to speak out and – who knew? – drops enough f-bombs to down a Death Star

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Daisy Ridley photographed by Alexi Lubomirski
Interview by Alex Bhattacharji

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Full Force | Daisy Ridley Shoots for the Stars

While Daisy Ridley’s anonymity earned her the role of a lifetime, she has now emerged as a force beyond Star Wars. At 25, the London-born actress is unafraid to be vulnerable and unwilling to let the magnitude of the franchise define her budding career. Our November cover star let us in on the profound influence of her family, why she insisted on “growing up” out of social media’s glare, and how she coped with the stunning fame of Star Wars. Here, we bring that strength and versatility into focus with a series of gritty, action movie–inspired shots. See her cruise through the air in cascading Gypsy Sport and glide across metal grates in Valentino haute couture in this month’s cover slideshow.

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Daisy Ridley by Mario Testino
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Par-Delà Le Réel | Cédric Delsaux

Au premier coup d’oeil ce sont évidemment les références à la saga Star Wars qui saisissent le spectateur de “Dark Lens”, fameuse série de Cédric Delsaux. Mais il serait malvenu d’y voir un pastiche opportuniste. Au contraire, cet ensemble s’appuie sur une longue réflexion — les premières photos datent de 2004 — et s’inscrit dans un travail d’auteur sur le réel et sa représentation.

CédricDelsaux12a CédricDelsaux12b CédricDelsaux12c CédricDelsaux12d CédricDelsaux12e— – —

Par-Delà Le Réel | Cédric Delsaux
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