Kamchatka – Siberian Photographic Dream of Ice and Fire

Kamchatka – for nature lovers, globetrotters and photographers, the name sounds like music to their ears. For these people, the Russian peninsula is at the top of their dream destinations. As one of the last truly wild landscapes on earth, Kamchatka is right up there with Patagonia or Iceland as a must-see destination for photographers, but the great thing about it is that it’s much quieter and less populated than other places. You don’t have to compete with dozens of other photographers for the best locations to take pictures. Kamchatka has been on my wish list for a long time.
Photography by David Koester

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Kamchatka – Siberian Photographic Dream of Ice and Fire
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Lake Baikal by Kristina Makeeva

Spectacular Photos Capture Frozen Beauty of Largest Freshwater Lake in the World
Moscow-based photographer Kristina Makeeva traveled to Lake Baikal in southern Siberia where she captured the beauty of the largest freshwater lake in the word. At around 600 kilometers long (373 miles), the vast, mirror-like surface features layers of transparent ice that has cracked and bubbled, leaving incredible, organic patterns and frozen formations.

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Lake Baikal by Kristina Makeeva
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Life in a Hidden Siberian Village

Photographer Elena Anosova grew up as a city kid, but has ancestral ties to a village in Siberia so isolated that, when she visited with her camera, villagers asked her not to reveal its name. She found a unique way of life: quiet, wild, and magical.

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Life in a Hidden Siberian Village
A Russian photographer explores her ancestral ties to a tiny town that has been isolated for centuries—and wants to stay that way.

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