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Professional photographer Sean Archer reveals the difficulties faced while searching for the perfect model.

There’s a question I get every day: “Where do you get all these models? Where do you ind these gorgeous girls?” This is the most popular question at my workshops. A few days ago, I asked my followers on Instagram what the most dificult part is for them as portrait photographers – and again, the most popular answer was ‘inding models’. More than 70 per cent chose this one. So it’s a real problem.

This is because the term ‘model’ often refers to a highly attractive, extremely photogenic young girl. When you work with such models you can get a lot of good-looking – and probably popular – shots. But I believe that popularity is secondary. Ahead of that, you have to be a good portrait photographer; and to be good, you have to train with real people around you – with a lot of different people.

Five years ago I started to work with my friends – because who else will pose for you if you’re an absolute beginner and don’t have a portfolio? Of course, my first shots were bad. We all have to start somewhere. After three months, I realised how to use natural light, understood camera settings and found a good way of post-processing. And again, I asked my friends to pose for me. They didn’t complain – usually the photo shoot is a lot of fun – and the quality of my work rose a lot. My friends were happy to upload my portraits to their Facebook and Instagram profiles.

That was the turning point. A lot of people started to ask them who the photographer was – they found out it was me, and that I worked for free. Yes, photography is my passion and I was ready to work for free. Really, I never thought about money at all, and I worked for free for my irst two years, shooting anybody who wanted to do it. Absolutely anybody – male, female, different ages, weights and heights. It was a great experience for me. I would say it was necessary for me to grow as a portrait photographer.

I know it’s much easier to make good portraits of attractive and photogenic professional models – but if you’re really good, you can make a good portrait of real people around you. So don’t wait for the perfect model: they are already around you. Work with people you’re comfortable with: your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents, children – anyone. Learn light and camera settings, posing and postproduction, composition and colour, then try to make it better every time.

Your skills are more important than everything else. That’s for sure.

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Find your Muse
Professional photographer Sean Archer reveals the difficulties faced while searching for the perfect model.

via Digital Photographer – Issue 189

Face Off | Sean Archer

Face Off – Exclusive Interview with Sean Archer Photography
Have you seen the movie Face Off, with John Travolta and Nicholas Cage? Do you remember the name of one of the lead characters? Yeah, Sean Archer! Did you know he’s real? Did you know he’s a photographer? Did you know he’s an amazing photographer?
Well, he’s not THAT real, but portrait photographer, Stanislav Puchkovsky, created Sean Archer Photography.
He’s big on 500px and pretty much all over the world, so why not learning from him, right?

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Sean Archer Photography
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Sean Archer

Portrait photography by Sean Archer

” Amateur photographer. I started it in 2012, with mirrorless camera and natural light. “

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