It’s a camera, it’s a lens, NO it’s a …

Power Bank !

REMAX Lycra Dual USB Power Bank – 10,000mAh design Lycra camera shape. Built-in 10,000mAh high capacity Polymer battery extends the battery life of your mobile device. Compatible for iPhone, Android phones and other mobile devices. Dual USB output allows you to charge up to two devices at once, convenient and efficient.

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The world’s most beautiful Baldwin has never looked better…

Hailey Baldwin Celebrates 35th Anniversary of GUESS With Sexy Retro Photo Shoot

Hailey Baldwin is relatively new model among the GUESS roster, but she’s already been entrusted with enormous responsibility. Namely, the blonde bombshell and Hollywood spawn serves as the stunning new face for the brand’s 35th anniversary campaign.
Photographed by Tatiana Gerusova

haileybaldwin01a haileybaldwin01b haileybaldwin01c haileybaldwin01d haileybaldwin01e haileybaldwin01fThe world’s most beautiful Baldwin has never looked better…
Hailey Baldwin by Tatiana Gerusova

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