Finding the inspiration within you

Finding the inspiration within you
by Ralph Nordstrom

ralphnordstrom02aNature and art are what I grew up with and what I love.

ralphnordstrom02bMy casual approach to photography became more focused when I took my first workshop in 2006. From that time on I have been on a journey – a journey of personal discovery. Because, as my photography evolves, as it improves, I learn more about myself. I’ve gained a lot of technical skills along the way, both in the field and in the darkroom (don’t worry, I shoot digital but I still call it the darkroom because it does the same thing and people don’t freak out like they sometimes do when I say “Photoshop”).

ralphnordstrom02cBut the technical skills are just a means to creative expression which is what I really focus on. They are what I call the Creative Vocabulary that allows me to communicate what it is I have to say about the world.

ralphnordstrom02dAnd discovering new things in the world, in nature, and expressing them through my photographs is where I am on my journey today. The journey will never end; the destination is not clear and changes as I change. But then, isn’t it the journey and not the destination that’s important?

ralphnordstrom02eFinding the inspiration within you
by Ralph Nordstrom

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