L’univers au bout des doigts

« Il sera aux télescopes ce que l’iPhone est à la téléphonie mobile : un cube épuré doté d’un seul bouton et capable de prendre des photos du ciel automatiquement via une application. »
Magazine Ciel & Espace

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L’histoire de Vaonis
Née de la volonté de faire découvrir un monde de merveilles, l’entreprise est fondée par Cyril Dupuy qui fabrique depuis son adolescence des télescopes au design simple, faciles à utiliser et performants. Pendant 3 années de recherche et développement, il travaille avec une équipe de passionnés et conçoit Stellina, télescope unique au monde et de grande qualité ouvrant les portes d’un nouvel univers.
Partagez votre univers avec une nouvelle génération de télescopes faciles à utiliser, à transporter et connectés avec votre smartphone ou tablette. Stellina vous transporte à des millions d’années lumières pour découvrir en famille ou entre amis les merveilles du ciel nocturne.
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2017 in Pictures | Landscape Photography

We have put together a collection of images published by Landscape Photography Magazine during 2017. Our congratulations to all photographers for the outstanding quality and a big thank you to all who participated.
Dimitri Vasileiou

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2017 in Pictures
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Photography Tip: Shoot At Least Fifty Shots A Day

ViewBug community member geoffcoleimages has one of the most interesting bios you have ever read. He is a photographer, a preacher and a coroner… and his full bio goes on: “I have been a soldier and an ice cream man, a taxi driver, a lab technician, a warehouse worker, a burger flipper, a hypnotist, a carpenter, a teacher, a ditch digger, a restitution officer, an assembly line worker, a probation officer, a pizza delivery man, a court interpreter, a marriage counselor, and a seller of automobiles, furniture and insurance. I am not done living.”

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Photography Tip: Shoot At Least Fifty Shots A Day
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Landscapes by Jim Harmer

One thing photographers have in common is the desire to progress as artists. For some it might be technical skills, others the creative, more artistic side. And for many of us, it is both sides that we want to grow in. Fortunately some photographers that are further along that pathway are more then happy to share and teach others. Jim Harmer is one of those photographers. He’s got an amazing eye, brilliant technical skills and loves sharing his knowledge. You may have heard of Jim through his online site, Improve Photography or from his podcast or social media.

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We got together with Jim and asked how it all began…

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Aztec Dancer

An Aztec Dancer, in full ceremonial costume, is absolutely awe-inspiring. Photographing one of these figures is an unforgettable experience.

The dance that could not be suppressed
The Spanish conquistadors attempted to destroy as much pre-hispanic culture as they could but, try as they might, they could not suppress the powerful Aztec Mitote dance. The dance, dubbed the Conchero dance by the Spanish, has strong ties with military conflict. Aztec princes and lords, dressed in their finery, would perform the dance to relate stories of great battles past. The stories continue to this day, passed down from generation to generation. This lineage system has protected the dance’s sacred heritage and cultural significance.

Based near Puerto Vallarta, a major outpost of the former Aztec Empire. We have established strong ties with the local Conchero community. It is these ties which enabled us to develop an unforgettable photographic and cultural experience. Our Aztec 1-on-1 Workshop.

Aztec Dancer Photography Workshop
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JP Stones Photography Workshops has as its primary goal to bring together, in a 1-on-1 tuition environment, photographers with the fascinating culture and folkloric figures of Mexico and South America.
We are based on Mexico’s Pacific Coast but owned by a British (JP Stones) and Australian (Brei Barron) couple with over 25 years of Photography and Event Management Experience.

Let’s Dance

Let’s Dance

“Attitude ” by fournierphotographe
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“Rachelle en pointe” by Fidster_Arfon
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“Feel The Dance ” by ruezralisnek
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“Urban Ballerina ” by priscilamaboni
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“Leap” by kateluber
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“Road Dancer” by AmandaGR
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“Wouhou! ” by Florianpascual
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from “30+ Shots That’ll Make You Want To Dance
Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing people dancing in the Lets Dance Photo Contest…

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