Kazuyoshi Nomachi, one of Japan’s preeminent photojournalists

Born 1946 in Kochi Prefecture, Nomachi studied under the photographer Takashi Kijima, launching his career as a freelance photographer in 1971. A journey to the Sahara Desert in 1972 led to extensive photojournalistic coverage of Africa including the Nile River region, Ethiopia, and the Great Rift Valley. From the late 1980s, he turned his attention to the Middle East and Asia and undertook long-term coverage of places such as China, Tibet and Saudi Arabia, honing in on the lifestyles and faith of people living in harsh climates. Since 2000 he has focused mainly on the Andes, India, and Iran. The resulting photographs have been published in magazines and as books, and shown in exhibitions worldwide, garnering much attention. Among his many photo books published internationally are Sahara, The Nile, Tibet, Mecca, and A Photographer’s Pilgrimage. He has won numerous awards, including the Domon Ken Award, the Minister of Education Award for Emerging Artist, the Photographic Society of Japan’s International Award, and in 2009 the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon.

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Anastasia Photo is pleased to present Kazuyoshi Nomachi, one of Japan’s preeminent photojournalists.

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The 2017 EyeEm Awards Finalists

This year’s EyeEm Awards shattered all previous records: In five categories, we received more than 590,000 submissions from over 88,000 photographers. This is our jury’s pick of finalists—the winners will be announced at the EyeEm Festival on September 16th.

The Architect
by Bruno Guerreiro
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The Photojournalist
by Pantea Naghavi Anaraki
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The Street Photographer
by Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet
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The Portraitist
by Valerio Gualandi
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The Great Outdoors
by Michael Moeller
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Andrei Stenin Press Photo Contest Shortlist Announced

The international contest for young photojournalists organized by Rossiya Segodnya under the auspices of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO has selected a shortlist of for the 2017 contest. The shortlist published at stenincontest.com was selected by an international jury and includes photographers from 14 countries who will compete for the main prizes with the winners being announced on August 7 2017. The prestigious international award for young photographers will be presented in the Autumn in Moscow. As in previous years, the winning photos will be displayed not only in Russia but also abroad until the end of 2017.

The European Dream.
by Anna Pantelia
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Search and rescue operation of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.
by Artur Lebedev
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by Gabriele Micalizzi
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Elegant Fan.
by Konstantin Chalabov
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by Kristina Kormilitsyna
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Candy floss lady.
by Tabyldy Kadyrbekov
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This year the number of countries taking part has increased, securing the contest’s status as a prestigious international platform that discovers new names in world photography. The 2017 contest’s shortlist was selected by award-winning representatives from the Russian and international photography community. The jury, chaired by Stern Director of Photography, Andreas Trampe, reviewed some 5,000 photos by contestants from 76 countries across four categories, including Top News, Sport, My Planet, and Portrait. A Hero of Our Time. Each category was divided into single photos and series.
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Andrei Stenin Press Photo Contest Shortlist Announced
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René Burri, photographe du Che Guevara est mort

L’artiste suisse est décédé hier à l’âge de 81 ans. D’origine suisse, ce photojournaliste et portraitiste parmi les plus renommés de la seconde moitié du XXe siècle, l’une des figures de l’agence Magnum laisse derrière lui un patrimoine inestimable.

Le photographe René Burri, auteur du célèbre cliché de Che Guevara fumant le cigare (datant de 1963), est décédé lundi à Zurich à l’âge de 81 ans, des suites d’une longue maladie. Considéré comme l’un des plus importants photographes suisses, il a notamment travaillé pour l’agence Magnum dès 1959. Il s’est rendu dans près de 160 pays, à travers le monde, pour couvrir les principaux événements politiques mondiaux.

Sa première grande publication est sa série sur la rétrospective de Pablo Picasso, au Palazzo Reale de Milan. Parmi ses oeuvres marquantes, on retrouve une centaine de portraits de Le Corbusier en passant par Giacometti, Tinguely et Yves Klein. Bien qu’il ait couvert de nombreux conflits, il ne souhaitait pas photographier des cadavres.

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