The Power of Thematic Projects

One of the best things you can do if you wish to improve as a photographer is take on weekly assignments that will force you to focus on particular subjects or techniques.
The power of concentrating your efforts on thematic projects can’t be overstated.

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The Power of Thematic Projects
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“KADE – Fairytales From The Enchanted Kingdom”

In 2013, Annie Mitova started a unique personal project called: “KADE – Fairytales From The Enchanted Kingdom”. Initially it all seemed like one crazy and impossible idea: Annie wanted to create a series of beautiful and meaningful stories with her portraits, but she had no experience, no professional equipment, no budget, no experienced models, and all of her models were children ages 2-12. She also had no makeup artists, no hairstylists and no assistants on any of her shoots. During this project Annie planned, organized, researched, designed, photographed, post processed, fully styled, built props and full studio sets, all by herself, while also doing commission work in order to be able to finance her project.

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“KADE – Fairytales From The Enchanted Kingdom”
by Annie Mitova

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The Atlas Of Beauty by photographer Mihaela Noroc

“The Atlas Of Beauty is a project about our planet’s diversity shown through portraits of women. Since almost 3 years ago, I travel around the world with my backpack and my camera. In this journey I photograph natural women surrounded by their environment. Until now I visited more than 45 countries.

MihaelaNoroc05aToday The Atlas of Beauty is one of the most popular photo projects in the world. It has strong communities on Facebook and Instagram while its Tumblr blog was the third most viral in 2015.

MihaelaNoroc05bWhen I started the project in 2013 I didn’t imagine that 3 years later I will talk about it live, on CNN, or on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday.

MihaelaNoroc05cThe Guardian, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Forbes, BBC, Spiegel, Corriere della Sera are just a few other media outlets that featured the project and showed my photos to the world.

MihaelaNoroc05dThrough my photography I want to capture that feeling of warmth and serenity which comes from the eyes of a woman and can balance sometimes the negativity we see in the media.

MihaelaNoroc05eMany people from all around the world face discrimination just because they have a certain color, religion, ethnicity or because they are women. I think beauty is diversity and it can teach us to be more tolerant.

MihaelaNoroc05fMy goal is to continue for many years and capture beauty in all countries of the globe, if possible, making this Atlas an inspiration for all women that try to be themselves, natural and authentic.” — Mihaela Noroc

MihaelaNoroc05gThe Atlas Of Beauty by photographer Mihaela Noroc
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