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Hello Starling
“Between October and the start of March, thousands of starlings make their home in Brighton and the surrounding areas,” says Your Shot photographer Kevin Meredith. “Just before sunset they form huge murmurations and flock about Brighton Pier before roosting under the Pier.”
Photograph by Kevin Meredith
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Growing Strong
A bonsai tree grows out of a dead tree in the middle of a river. “This little tree reminds me that you can grow and blossom under impossible circumstances with a little bit of determination,” says Your Shot photographer Sam Snaps.
Photograph by Sam Snaps
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Beautiful Bird
A red-tailed comet displays its stunning, iridescent feathers as it feeds. Its deeply-forked tail makes it one of the most distinctive and well-known hummingbird species. “Your perspective really captures his feathers in their full beauty” commented Your Shot associate photo editor Kristen McNicholas. “I love how symmetrical your frame is and how I can immediately focus on the beauty of this bird!”
Photograph by Damilice Mansur
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Penguins’ Paradise
A small colony of penguins lives near St. Kilda’s pier in Melbourne, Australia. “Every night sometime after sunset, the adults of the colony will come home to nest,” says Your Shot photographer Doug Gimesy.
“Occassionally a few can be found standing on the top of the rocks, calling for their mate, drying themselves, or simply watching the world from a different perspective – above the water.”
Photograph by Doug Gimesy
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Rise Above
Just the tops of San Francisco’s tallest buildings are visible above the fog, backlit by a dramatic sunrise. “What a magical morning this was!” remembers Your Shot photographer Aya Okawa.
Photograph by Aya Okawa
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Photo of the day | The archive
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Photo of the Day

Each Photo of The Day is chosen from the Your Best Shot gallery.

“Breakfast At Lindy’s” by Christopher Tamas Kovacs
“A multiple exposure fine-art image taken in Manhattan,” writes the photographer, who shot this image with a Nikon D810.
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“Beyond Here Lies Eternity” by Aaron Feinberg
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“In The Fields” by Dima Begma
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“An Oak In The Flood Plain” by Bill Fields
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“After The Ride” by agregory
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Tree Or Island?

Sometimes, seemingly boring and uninteresting places have the considerable potential. It is the ordinary water reservoir, located next to an industrial plant. It looks quite ordinary from the ground, but after rising into the air and changing the perspective, suddenly the pipe which goes into the small island, starts looking like a tree. Dark water and birds float on the surface resemble a night sky with stars. An unusual picture in an ordinary place. Shot on DJI Mavic Pro, DNG, little postprocess in Lightroom, 90m AGL. Cracow, Poland

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Photo of The Day
Tree Or Island?
by Patryk Morzonek

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National Geographic photo of the day: Best of november

Photo of the Day: Best of November

natgeoproofnov00Photograph by Biswajit Patra, National Geographic Your Shot

SwannerySwans, Slovakia
Photograph by Norbert Nemes, National Geographic Your Shot

While walking along the St-Lawrence river, in Quebec city, I saw this skeletonSkeleton, St. Lawrence River, Quebec City
Photograph by Stephen Clough, National Geographic Your Shot

Nakameguro, Tokyo, 2013Cherry Blossoms. Nakameguro, Tokyo.
Photograph by Giovanni Pascarella, National Geographic Your Shot

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