101 Amazing Photos To Take Before Your Die

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101 Amazing Photos To Take Before Your Die – December 2019
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Wildlife photographer waited 6 years to capture this perfect shot

Six years. That’s how long it took Scottish wildlife photographer Alan McFadyen to capture the perfect shot.

After spending nearly 4,200 hours, McFadyen ended up with an exact symmetrical image of a kingfisher diving speedily into its reflection. Patience was certainly key here as McFadyen had to scour 720,000 exposures to finally get it right.

AlanMcFadyen12aMcFadyen, in an interview with the Daily Mail said, “Kingfishers dive so fast they are like bullets, so taking a good photo requires a lot of luck — and a lot of patience.” Couple that with the fact that female kingfishers rarely dive, and you’ve got yourself the biggest timing problem ever.
by Umar Ansari
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