Architecture in Black and White by Oscar Lopez

How and when did you start photography and what was your learning path?
I was drawn to photography since I was a little kid. My father used to have different kind of cameras and each time I visited him he showed me what he had got. One time he lend me a Nikon SLR for a trip to Spain. I don´t remember the model but it worked fully manually: metering, focusing, flash light, everything. So it was very interesting getting to know how a camera works. Somehow I lost the interest during my teenage years and it was only as a young adult when I bought my first DSLR and decided to learn everything about photography not only on how to use a digital reflex camera but also how composition works and all different kinds of techniques there are.

I started reading books from different authors, starting with how-to practical books like Scott Kelby´s Digital Photography series and then getting into the likes of The Art of Photography by Bruce Barnbau to learn how to use photography as a mean of expression and finally reading Bruce Percy´s Art of Self Awareness, Simplifying Visualisation, Composition and Understanding Light in order to refine my approach to photography.

But the learning process never actually ends and this is the beautiful thing about photography and art. There is always something new for me and this is why I spend a considerable part of my free time on social network admiring the work of others and studying it and reading magazines blogs and books that don’t even need to be related to photography at first but where I get some new ideas and inspirations about what to do next. I like also studying the concepts of aesthetics and the psychology of beauty to understand better why it is that we find some images and compositions more beautiful than others.

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Architecture in Black and White by Oscar Lopez
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