Polar Bears by Ole Jørgen Liodden

Few photographers know polar bears like Ole Jørgen Liodden. On a detour to the more temperate climes of the UK, he tells Keith Wilson about his award-winning images, his 3D printing antics and the location of Nikon’s ‘deepest’ lens…

The Future Is Mirrorless
Like many Nikon Pros, Ole is intrigued by the new Z-Series cameras and lenses and feels it is only a matter of time before he takes the plunge and invests in one…
When more lenses are added to the Z series, will using the mirrorless system become more tempting for you?
Yes. I have the same feeling now as when I moved from film to digital in 2003. Of course, you can use an adapter, but I prefer to use the lenses that are made for the camera. It’s an issue for both Nikon and Canon, they have actually announced the future is mirrorless, and yes some of the users will start to use the mirrorless cameras.
For me, I am neutral as a photographer, but over the years I have had strong feelings and good experiences with Nikon, but there are no reasons for change right now.

— – —
– Norway’s Ole J Liodden is the co-founder of WildPhoto Travel, a world leader in photo expeditions to the polar regions, especially the Svalbard archipelago.
– His awards include major prizes in Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the Global Arctic Awards and European Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
– Ole has a Masters degree in Natural Resource Management, Resource Economics and Environmental Politics.
– He is the author of eight books about nature and photography. His latest book, Polar Bears & Humans, will be published in spring 2019.

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