David Bowie by Andrew Kent

KentAndrew_DavidBowie01David Bowie at L’Hotel, Paris 1976

On the last leg of the 1976 “Station to Station” European tour, Photographer Andrew Kent arrived at David’s Paris hotel to find the performer still in bed.
David slipped on a dressing gown and hopped back in bed for this unforgettable shot. Jimmy Osterberg (aka Iggy Pop) was also in the room.
“These were the best couple of hours I’ve ever had in photography. I was so fortunate to be there,” says the photographer.

KentAndrew_DavidBowie02David Bowie aboard the SS Leonardo da Vinci, New York City 1976

“David preferred just about any means of travel other than flying,” says photographer Andrew Kent.

KentAndrew_DavidBowie03David Bowie, Wembley Auditorium, London 1976

“Bowie’s Back!” declared the headlines, playing off the distinctive angle of Andrew Kent’s famous shot to mark the performer’s return to London for the kickoff of Bowie’s ’76 European tour.
“Everybody identifies this shot with David,” Andrew says. Taken during a performance at Wembley Auditorium, it is one of the photographer’s favorites. It was featured on the cover of NME magazine.

KentAndrew_DavidBowie04David Bowie, Moscow 1976

David shows his pleasure at finally having arrived in Moscow after a long train trip from Switzerland in the spring of ’76.

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