Monochrome Landscapes by Takashi

I’m a photographer specialized in Mt Fuji. Few years ago, I stayed in my car all night at the shores of Lake Yamanaka for the purpose of taking a photo of Mount Fuji for the first time. When I woke up from a short sleep, I could not see anything because it was shrouded in a white deep fog. When I stood at the hill after I slipped out from the white world before dawn, Mount Fuji and the sea of clouds on Lake Yamanaka were an amazingly beautiful sight, like another world. Returning to the shores of Lake Yamanaka, the upper part of the fog opened and Mount Fuji emerged over the fog. And a white swan, shining by the morning sun, came swimming in front of me. It was an incredibly beautiful scene, as if I was in a dream. After that moment I became a prisoner of Mount Fuji. Since then, taking photos means capturing Mount Fuji to me.

Creation 2
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Flow of cloud (blue ink version)
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Valley of clouds (Blue ink virsion)
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Silhouette of Starry Sky
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Beyond the Mist
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Orion and Mt Fuji
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Mountain climbing of the heavens
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Monochrome Landscapes by Takashi
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Des paysages lumineux

Prendre des photos lumineuses la nuit
Je pense que le light-painting est un magnifique mélange d’expression photographique et artistique. Cette technique d’éclairage du paysage avec des temps d’exposition prolongés soulève l’idée que la lumière a beaucoup d’influence. — Dave Black

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Des paysages lumineux
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Out of the Shadows

The low light storytelling of Richard Vantielcke
At first glance the images of freelance photographer Richard Vantielcke seem to be stark, appearing to simply show the cold reality of urban cityscapes in the middle of the night. But look a little closer and you can begin to see humour, narratives and clear concepts within his pictures. In an exclusive interview he spoke to CPN writer Steve Fairclough to discuss his inspirations and reveals how he creates his quirky style of photography.

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Discover how Richard Vantielcke ventures into the Parisian night to photograph creative concepts in low light
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Glowing Coast by Adam Woodworth

Glowing Coast by Adam Woodworth
This was an incredible experience on an August night on the coast of Maine! The blue light is bioluminescence, emitted from microorganisms in the water as the waves wash them over the rocks. While the glow in the photo is brighter and much more blue than it was in person due to the limitations of human vision, and the fact that the camera can see more with long exposures, it was still intense to see in person and the photo doesn’t do the experience justice. The blue light is real, and is just about how my camera captured it, I didn’t do anything to boost the blue. My night vision was adapted enough to see the bright glow in the water as the waves washed over rocks but only as white light.

AdamWoodworth02aThis is a blend of 10 exposures for the sky and 2 foreground exposures. 10 shots for the sky were each taken at ISO 10,000, 10 seconds, f/2.8, and then stacked with Starry Landscape Stacker for pinpoint stars and low noise. The 2 foreground exposures were taken at lower ISO and longer shutter speeds for a cleaner foreground, 1 at ISO 1600 for 20 minutes and another at ISO 6400 for 2 minutes, both at f/2.8. The exposures were then blended in Photoshop to create a single image with low noise and sharp focus. All shots were taken with the Nikon D810A and Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens at 14mm.

To learn more about my Milky Way photography editing techniques check out my written tutorials and videos on my website:

Glowing Coast by Adam Woodworth
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Alister Benn’s Introduction to Night Photography

Alister Benn’s Introduction to Night Photography
This freebie will teach you how to create stunning night photographs.

NightPhotography12aStar trails. Nightscapes. Moonrises. If these words mean anything to you, then you’ve probably already tried shooting at night. So how did it go? Did your photographs come out the way you wanted them?

Don’t worry if you thought it was hard. Shooting at night is a completely different approach than regular shooting. That’s why we thought we’d give you a great starting guide to it. Clocking in under 28 pages, this freebie is easy to digest and useful enough for any nightscape enthusiast.

So if you’re unafraid of the challenge, Introduction to Night Photography will familiarize you with the genre’s most popular tools and techniques. You’ll learn both the must-have equipment and the most practical ideas to keep in mind while you’re staring up at the night sky.

NightPhotography12b NightPhotography12c NightPhotography12d NightPhotography12eAlister Benn’s Introduction to Night Photography
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Photographiez la Nuit

Photographiez la Nuit
Des ateliers pratiques et stimulants pour obtenir des images de nuit originales et créatives!

lanuit07a lanuit07b lanuit07c lanuit07dLa photographie de nuit est un véritable défi pour le photographe. Si elle nécessite une grande exigence technique, les résultats spectaculaires récompensent pleinement ses efforts. Florence At vous entraîne dans cet ouvrage à la découverte d’une douzaine d’ateliers qui vous permettront d’améliorer votre pratique et vous ouvriront de nouvelles voies créatives.

lanuit07e lanuit07f lanuit07g lanuit07hLes photographes de tous niveaux trouveront, grâce aux ateliers de cette collection, de précieux outils pour:
• aiguiser leur regard au travers d’analyses qui sensibilisent aux enjeux techniques et esthétiques d’une situation.
• parfaire leur technique grâce à des pas-à-pas concrets.
• développer leur créativité grâce à la mise en pratique du thème de l’atelier à travers différentes variantes.

lanuit07iPhotographiez la Nuit

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