The Sand Dune Series

Aerial exploration of abstract and organic shapes of sand dunes in the Namib desert, Africa.
by Tom Hegen

Photos were taken from a helicopter in Namibia.
Fine Art Prints in limited Editions are available.
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The Sand Dune Series
by Tom Hegen

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A dune a day: 7 breathtaking adventures in stunning Namibia

Namibia was voted your top destination in the 2019 Wanderlust Readers Travel Awards. Find out why on these extraordinary adventures to the country’s vast landscapes, abundant wildlife and Bushman culture.

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A dune a day: 7 breathtaking adventures in stunning Namibia
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The Circle of Life | Chris Schmid

Award-winning nature photographer captures stunning imagery of African wildlife; depicting the harsh realities of survival in the wild.

Photographer Chris Schmid set out on an awe-inspiring photography expedition to the dry salt planes of Namibia.

The shoot was part of Chris’ documentary ‘The African Survivors’; filming and photographing endangered species across Africa; looking at how the same animals behaved differently in differently environments.

The enigmatic beauty of the wild is enriched through the lens of Sony’s RX10 III camera; combining an extended 24-600mm 25x super-telephoto zoom with a powerful sensor poised to capture sensational close-up detail.

Award winning photographer Chris Schmid, commented: “I find photographing the local nature in Namibia fascinating; seeing how the animals have adapted their behaviour to be able to survive is a wonderful story to tell through the camera lens. Vegetation and water supplies are a lot more limited in such dry environments, we see that groups of animals split up more often when hunting for their next food source. With precious few places to hide, this makes the territory extremely effective and deadly.”

The Circle of Life
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