The next generation of Nikon Storytellers

Meet the #Nikon100
We hand selected 100 up-and-coming photographers you should be following on Instagram. Meet the #Nikon100 and explore how they use photography to share their stories with the world.

by Ashraful Arefin
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by Noel Casaje
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by Nina McIntosh
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by Matt Walker
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by Jason Lumsden
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The next generation of Nikon Storytellers
Inspired photography from around the world.

100 days of talented Nikon photographers

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A journey into a miniature world | Achraf Baznani

Talented photographer-artist Achraf Baznani plays with scale and proportion to create theatrical scenes that are dream-like, introspective and not a little bit whimsical. His images have been highly praised by art and photography lovers, hundreds of thousands of which follow him online.

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A journey into a miniature world | Achraf Baznani
more in Phototrain – Photography Magazine – Issue 4

Hinter der Kamera | Kim Leuenberger

Häufig sind es Kleinigkeiten, die den Charme eines Fotos ausmachen. Im Fall von Kim Leuenberger handelt es sich bei diesen Kleinigkeiten um Miniatur-Autos, die sie in ihren Fotos platziert. Wie es dazu kam und wie viele Fahrzeuge sie mittlerweile besitzt, verrät sie im Interview.

Hinter der Kamera | Kim Leuenberger

interview in FotoEasy – Jun/Aug 2017

Miniature Studio Softbox

SlickforceSoftlight™ – Pre-light Reference Tool

SlickforceSoftlight01aThe Slickforce Softlight™ is a miniature replica of a professional octagonal softbox that can be used to help artists pre-visualize their studio and on-location shoots, photograph their collectible miniatures or action figures (we favor Star Wars Stormtroopers) or just have a cool conversation piece on their desk.  Moreover, the Softlight is great for children, too. These budding photographers-in-training can play photography with their dolls, action figures or any other toy.

SlickforceSoftlight01bThe Slickforce Softlight™ actually functions in the same manner as a real softbox, shaping light with its umbrella and translucent diffuser design and highly reflective silver interior surface. Octagonal softboxes are most commonly used for such purposes as fashion, beauty and portrait photography. One of the most important reasons for this is that their unique shape creates a beautiful, soft, natural looking light source, as well as an attractive catch light in the subject’s eye.

SlickforceSoftlight01cThe Slickforce Softlight™ comes with a silver umbrella, octagonal translucent diffuser, light stand-base, 2 extender poles and a working miniature battery generator.

SlickforceSoftlight01dSlickforceSoftlight™ – Pre-light Reference Tool
via slickforce