Capturing Birds in Nature

After spending countless weeks with a unique variety of European birds as his only company, the time has finally come for Markus Varesvuo to share his breathtaking project with the world.

Capturing Birds in Nature
Photographer: Markus Varesvuo
Full-time occupation: Wildlife photographer
Aim of project: To create a large-format, high-quality coffee table book on birds
Location: I mostly got my shots in Europe, but I also travelled overseas
Duration: The photography itself spanned three or four years, and the design of the book then took a further year
Time spent: Probably too much time all in all if I were to be totally honest!
Images taken: The photos I shot for this project go into the hundreds of thousands

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Bird Photographer of the Year 2017

Bird Photographer of the Year is a competition that celebrates the artistry of bird photography and promotes conservation by contributing directly to the British Trust for Ornithology to support their conservation research.

Alejandro Prieto Rojas | Bird Photographer of the Year 2017
Feeding Flamingos by Alejandro Prieto Rojas
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Markus Varesvuo | Best Portfolio 2017
Snowy Owl by Markus Varesvuo
Blue Tit on berries by Markus Varesvuo
Great Grey Owl by Markus Varesvuo
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Best Portrait 2017 | Honourable Mention
Male King Eider by Staffan Widstrand
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Birds in the Environment 2017 | Gold
Condor over mountains by Ben Hall
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Attention to Detail 2017 | Gold
Cormorant wing by Tom Hines
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Attention to Detail 2017 | Silver
Grey Heron looking under wing by Ahmad Alessa
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Creative Imagery 2017 | Gold
Speculum by Georgina Steytler
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Bird Photographer of the Year 2017
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Capturing the beauty of birds by Markus Varesvuo

Professional bird photographer Markus Varesvuo is one of the world’s best when it comes to ornithological images. His stunning work is made easier thanks to Canon’s legendary EF lens system and the new EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM zoom has the potential to take his work to new heights, as he explains to CPN Editor David Corfield…

MarkusVaresvuoBirds01 MarkusVaresvuoBirds02 MarkusVaresvuoBirds03 MarkusVaresvuoBirds04 MarkusVaresvuoBirds05 MarkusVaresvuoBirds06 MarkusVaresvuoBirds07— – —

Capturing the beauty of birds by Markus Varesvuo

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