Karl Lagerfeld Autumn Winter 2018.19 Collection

In his Autumn/Winter 2018/19 collection, the iconic designer took his inspiration from one of his biggest passions, architecture. Karl Lagerfeld has always been interested in diverse architecture styles, ranging from Art deco- inspired influences to modern icons. If you observe the pieces of this compelling collection clearly, those inspirations clearly shine through, for instance in the use of minimalistic lines, feminine curves, textured fabrics and futuristic finishes.

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Karl Lagerfeld Autumn Winter 2018.19 Collection
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Vanessa Paradis by Karl Lagerfeld and by Matthew Brookes

Vanessa Paradis for Elle France by Karl Lagerfeld
Elle France enlists songstress/actress Vanessa Paradis to pose for their cover story captured by one and only Karl Lagerfeld. In charge of styling for Pure Paradis story was Jeanne Le Bault, with hair by John Nollet and makeup by Christophe Danchaud.

Vanessa Paradis for L’Express Styles by Matthew Brookes
The gorgeous Vanessa Paradis captured by fashion photographer Matthew Brookes for the cover story of L’Express Styles. Styling is courtesy of Mika Mizutani, with hair by John Nollet and makeup by Christophe Danchaud.

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