Landscapes In Black And White

Landscapes In Black And White Photo Contest Winners

bwlandscapes02aCongratulations Grand Jury Winner “The Perfect Splash” by garyhunter_6788
“I found that Perfect Splash by Gary Hunter succeeds in meeting all of the above criteria. It meets all of the benchmarks of both photography in general and B&W in particular. Congratulations, Gary. It’s a stellar image. The moment, mood, composition, and B&W treatment are all exceptional!” – Tim Copper
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bwlandscapes02bCongratulations Runner Up “Winter Sunrise in Bagan” by zayyarlynn
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bwlandscapes02cCongratulations Runner Up “Princes Pier” by MissionMan
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bwlandscapes02dCongratulations Runner Up “EROTIC LANDSCAPE – II” by nikosladic
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bwlandscapes02eCongratulations Runner Up “Dark Hedges” by rogerhampton
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bwlandscapes02fCongratulations Runner Up “The Pier” by CurtisReese
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bwlandscapes02gCongratulations Amateur Winner “xarárfoss s-h (1 of 1) V” by sverrirjnsson
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bwlandscapes02hCongratulations People’s Choice “Reflection Row” by jamierichey
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bwlandscapes02i“Mirror of the sky” by aidagri
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Landscapes In Black And White Photo Contest Winners
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Piers Photo Contest Finalists

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing piers in this photo contest. The submissions are outstanding and the locations of the images are absolutely surreal! Be sure to browse all the photos in the gallery and get ideas for your next trip to the waterfront.

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Congratulations People’s Choice “Loch Ard Fisherman…” by davidmould (piers001)
“Piercing the Sky” by jeffdeveau (piers002)
“On the Docks” by alissaspieces (piers003)
“Existential Divide” by joseramos (piers004)
“Here comes the sun” by kevinmoore (piers005)
“LAC ANGKORchat” by ANVI (piers006)
“Under the boardwalk” by dantefratto (piers007)
“Lightning” by samfowler (piers008)
“North Beach” by jacquihunt (piers009)
“Southwold at Night” by andicampbell-jones (piers010)
“Perfect Catch” by sarahlc (piers011)
“Serenity” by SeanThurston (piers012)

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